Thursday, February 21, 2013


Yesterday I received a package to my parents' place - a package that was sent from the States during summer (June-July..) it was in a good shape so I bet it has just been traveling around the world..

15 letter sheet swap via swap-bot.
All these goodies were inside it :3
I also managed to send 2 more postcards via postcrossing (luckily I still had something to their liking :3) And as daddy asked me to drive him to the nearest bus stop after 6am today I was able to drop the postcards to a post box :3

to Belarus

to Turkey
And the cards to Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan are still traveling :( 51, 40, 38 and 27 days :(

I visited the post office near my parents' place and as the owner of the store had changed the post officer was rude and from now on I'll buy my stamps online :(

Maybe I'm picky but I hate those flag stamps as well as those flower stamps from Christmas of 2009 :( I thought those were already sold out.. But at least I did get those pet stamps!!
 I also visited the small S-market next to the post office and I was able to find some postcards~

Moomins! Though Moomin looks a bit weird to me :S

Some WWF postcards :3

As well as some Inge Löök's grandma cards even though I don't personally like those D:
Hopefully I'll be able to pack my bags today and write something :3



  1. Replies
    1. Those are so plain so I don't really like those.. :( And as those are 2nd class stamps I was planning on using those for letters and cards within Finland but we'll see.. Almost everyone uses and has those :(

    2. there are other non-plain flag stamps? Well, I like the colors of the Finnish flag, so it isn't really plain to me...
      And the thing with the first and second class stamps still confuses be honest, lol.
      Those animal stamps are great though as well :) especially the cat on top

    3. At least there used to be nicer Finnish flag stamps.. Though I've never really liked those :S
      1st class means priority, the stamp costs 0,8€ and can be used in letters and postcards within Finland (the letter/postcard will arrive the next day) and outside of Finland..
      The 2nd class is economy.. I think it costs 0,7€ (I can be wrong, haven't checked the prices in a while) and the mail within Finland takes 2 days to arrive.. But if we want to send economy letter/postcard to Europe we need to add at least 5 cent stamp or the 10 cent stamp for it to be sent as a 1st class mail :D

    4. I've never seen other stamps with the Finnish flag, so I don't know if I would like those
      Here using the same stamp inside Germany that you usually use for letters abroad would be a waste of money, lol. Though I've once gotten a letter with a 75 cent stamp on it, and it came from Germany..and she told me later that she had sent many letters to Europe and used the 75 cent stamps for those, and someone the letter to Germany also ended up with that stamp, lol. Guess the post office made a little extra money that way :P
      Letters within Germany normally take a day to arrive, if all goes normal.

      Somehow it seems now that I've gotten more cards from postcrossing than I've sent...(well, cards that were sent and registered...not cards that are still travelling...) How can that be? lol.
      "» Sent: 8 postcards
      » Received: 9 postcards"

    5. Haha :D Usually the letters within Finland takes 2 days no matter which stamp you used.. But I've also received letters the next day even though people have used the 2nd class stamp :) It really depends.. Now and then it takes over 3 days for letters and postcards to arrive - I've tried this with my best friend.. :)

      It usually goes like that :)
      I tend to receive more than I've sent as some postcards get lost - for example I currently have 3 expired cards and I think I'll try to resend the cards to the 4 people (Russia, Ukraine, China and Taiwan) after the 1st cards have expired as I'd like the cards to be registered even if those take a bit longer to arrive :/

    6. Here it usually depends on when you send out your things...mailbox usually gets emptied at 3pm (in bigger cities it gets emptied several times per day)...and it says that if you mail a letter to Germany before 3pm, it usually reaches its destination within the next day. If the receiver is not far from where you live, you can even mail it at night and it still may arrive the next day. But sometimes I already had to wait a whole week for a letter from Germany...for no apparent reason, lol, it just took longer for whatever reason...

      Well, my number of sent and received cards is now even again, :P one card just got registered... It was kinda weird though to send a card to a 5-year old .P Ever gotten a postcrossing address from a little kid?
      I'm not sure if I'd resend my cards if/when they expire...if they didn't get registered the first time, they might not get registered on a second try as well...but I don't know

    7. Lucky you! :D In Finland I think the mailboxes are emptied once a day, time depending on where you live.. For example in Helsinki and Porvoo the post office boxes are emptied around 5pm, some around 3pm while in my parents' place you must have left the mail to a post box before 9-11am (depending on when the mail comes) or drop it to the nearest post office before 2pm..
      But apparently mail takes a bit longer to travel from South to North than from North to South (sent a card for my friend, it took 3 days, my friend sent me a small surprise, I received it the next day :))

      Yay :D I can't wait for my postcards to be registered or expired but since I sent 10 out of 17 cards yesterday I don't think the cards will be registered any time soon :( Even the postcard to Finland has taken ages since the receiver hasn't been online for a week now :(
      Yup, I sent a card to a 6 years old boy from Poland a while ago.. At times it's so hard to choose a card to send for the little kids.. I even find it hard to send cards to 12-16 year olds if their wishlist isn't clear.. D:
      I tend to resend the cards as I don't feel comfortable sending a request to register my card even though it hasn't arrived (some do that) and I'd like the people to receive the card from postcrossers who have gotten their addresses :/

    8. I guess that explains why once when me and a friend from Finland ordered the same DVD from the same store, and we ordered it before release date, and it said on the page "Item gets shipped one day before release date", and I guess in my case it got sent out 2 days before release date, cause I've gotten it right on the release date, didn't even except to get it then
      And my friend from Finland had to wait some days arrived to Germany apparently before it arrived in Finland...I felt kinda bad about having gotten it first, lol.

      Weird that it seems to take longer to travel from South to North than from North to South...don't think anything like happened here already...but it has happened that I sent something to someone, and the person sent me something on the same day, and one arrived after a few days and the other took over a week...
      Mail can be weird

      I was lucky with my 5-year old girl from the of the things she wanted were cards with cats on them...that was easy for me... I have plenty of those...and if I wouldn't have had that, finding cards with dolphins and dogs wouldn't have been a problem either...

      I haven't had cards expire (yet), so don't know yet what I'd do then...but I kinda worry that the second card wouldn't arrive either...but who knows, maybe it would then...I'll see what I'll do if or when the first card expires...

      I've already sent the second card to the Netherlands..those cards arrive way too fast, lol. Wonder if soon I'll get another address from there....