Monday, February 18, 2013

Shopping done Feb. 15th-18th (+Desucon Frostbite)

February 15th

Traveled to Lahti on Friday and visited 2 nice flea markets (and Citymarket) with Joonas and Sestra and got myself something nice :)

Scarf for 2€ from Kontti
Stickers (less than 3€)

Stamps and a Christmas calendar :') 6€

Only some of the nice stamps :)

Old stamps of Finland :3
Some old envelopes :) 1,5€

Friends DVD (season 1 episodes 1-8) 1€
Some tea for me (even some new ones~) :)
February 16th

Desucon Frostbite (the only (whole) day I spent there) - we arrived there a bit before 10am, Sestra cosplayed as Queen Esther from Trinity Blood. ALL.THOSE.PEARLS. SERIOUSLY!!

I bought glasses for myself via Cosplay Kirpputori Facebook group and got those in the convention~


...and without glasses :)
Yes, I have shorts ;)
© Joonas
 The day was great and fun but that's that - not going to write anything about it as I'm WAY too tired and everyone else does that. I had fun and I can't wait for Desucon and thanks to all of the awesome people I saw in there! Cresu, Pilvi, Senni, Ansku, Pun, Ninnu etcetcetc. You're amazing :3

4€ MLP cards for my brother

2€ - for my brother.

12€ - once again for my brother.

Boris :3 2€ for myself

3 magnets - 5€
February 17th

Spent about 2h in the convention area while waiting for my drive to Jyväskylä. Bought some FMA figures - some were bought during Saturday but as I took the photos today I decided to put all of those for Sunday's goods :)

Small figure - worth 10€.. But when I saw how crappy it was I would have paid max. 1€ D:

9 figure packages - 36€ all together (1 bought by Joonas) and I'm only keeping 5 as you couldn't tell which was in the box and there were 6 different ones - I got 5 different and 4 doubles.. Bought the last one for my collection online :)
I'll post something about those when I get the last one :3

The collectible cards that came with the 5 figures I'm keeping :3
Giving away the 4 doubles one of these days~ ;)
I also bought a patch for Kim on Sunday while I bought the ticket to Tracon (held in September!! :DD) on Saturday the moment I arrived to the convention :)

February 18th

Went out with my mum, brother and aunt and we checked the flea markets in Jyväskylä and I managed to visit Tiimari and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa :)

Some stickers ~ about 7€ all together with the student discount :3

2 Disney cards for ~2€
My brother bought me MLP stickers :3 3€

2 postcards for postcrossing :)
0,5kg/~1lbs of stamps for 7€. Didn't realize HOW many stamps there are in 0,5kg................

and 4 letter sets for 2€ :)

And we'll visit a flea market or two tomorrow so we'll see if I buy something else as well :3


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