Friday, February 8, 2013

Received Week 6


Postcrossing card from Taiwan

Letter and postcrossing card from France

The wig :3
Photos after Chinese New Year! :3
Met daddy on Monday and he brought me a letter that had arrived to my parents' address :)


We were so thrilled that we opened the package immediately!!
Sorry for my terrible English. After sleeping for 4 hours and being half dead you don't pay attention to pronunciation when you're with someone who understands you no matter what you say..

After coming back from school there was another package and postcards waiting for me!!

DVD order from Amazon!!

THIS was the best buy.
Contains very strong language, strong sex, fetish sex, sex references etc. And Billie Piper as the main character!!!!
Only last season left.. Then I start waiting for The Big Bang Theory Complete Seasons 1-5 DVD box :)

I'm giving out the 1st season DVD I got with the box as I already had it! Thank you E!!!! :3
Even D is watching these!! I managed to get her hooked with the series - she's one season behind me bu she HAS to finish the series before she moves out! :)

Postcrossing cards from Finland and Taiwan
Postcard from Japan

The stamps

Postcrossing cards from Italy and China

2 packages, 1 letter and 2 postcrossing cards :)

Back cover for my Samsung Galaxy Y :)
Tea + Unwritten Postcards Private swap I had - we even asked each other what kind of stamps we'd use on each others' packages - she used some December stamps and a postcrossing stamp while I used the Valentines stamps :)

PICKWICK TEA!!!!! 9 Different and only ONE I've tasted before!!!! :DD
Winter glow, Dutch Tea Blend, Dutch Grey, Caramelised Pear (LOVE IT! Got one in the autumn), LEMON PIE!!!, CHOCOLATE MINT!!, Cinnamon, Rooibos honey blend and Speculaas(no idea what this is supposed to be :D)
My whole week is saved thanks to the Pickwick teas :)

And the unwritten cards I received for Moomin and Owl cards :)

MISSTIGRI!!!!! I seriously LOVE these!!! :3

And Limoon card :)
Postcrossing cards from Netherlands...

...And from Lithuania :)
As well as an amazing letters from Yoshi :)

Anime/Manga postcard tag from Hong Kong and postcrossing cards from Malaysia, Netherlands and Belarus :)

=Tea tag = from Ukraine - NEW stamp! :D

Postcard and the teas :)

A bit scary letter from Germany.. Not sure whether I'll write back :/

3 tag postcards from Finland :)

Suosikkialbumi hippa, Anime/Manga tag and Tätä kirjaa luen hippa :)
 Until next week~


I also received my new debit card!! :3


  1. Paljon toi janetstoren paketti makso? :)

    1. 68,80€/$90, mut puolet siitä meni suunnillee ton postituksen maksamiseen, ku laitettiin se tulee EMS:n kautta ja paketti kannettii kiltisti kotiovelle saakka :)
      Mut ei mikää hirvee hinta, ku postarit jaettii puoliks ja molemmat osti suunnillee saman verran kamaa :) Esim. omat kamat + oma osuus postituksest oli 30€ :)

  2. I think I know what that "Spekulaas" is...I know it as some kind of cookies or christmas sweets though...not as tea...
    Maybe they use the spices in that tea?

    1. Probably :D I don't think I'm going to drink that anytime soon as Pickwick teas are treasures to me, especially those "rare" ones that aren't even sold in Estonia :(

    2. Ok..well, when you drink it, maybe then you can say how it tasted..if you liked it...:)

      I've been wondering about that "scary" letter from Germany...what is scary about it or in what way is it scary? (if you don't mind answering it..maybe you don't want to answer that on the blog here..)

  3. Ihana tuo Kikin lähettipalvelu -kortti! Minäkin tahon! :)

    1. ON! :) Ensimmäinen Ghibli kortti viralliselta puolelta ja kortteja on kohta lähtenyt jo 400!! Harmi kun niitä ei tuu usemmiin.. :/