Friday, February 15, 2013

Outgoing week 7

Postcrossing card to Finland

Postcrossing card to UK

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag to Russia

Postcrossing card to Netherlands and a Thank you card to Hong Kong :)
Valentine's surprise back to my BFF :)
"Letter", 2 postcards, Doctor Who vinyl sticker and a concert ticket we never used :D Wasted 24€!!
Official postcrossing card to Bulgaria! New country to me~ :D
Moomin card/Wishlist card tag to Russia
Only those this time - Desucon Frostbite during the weekend (though I'll only spend the Saturday in there and don't even cosplay) and after that a trip to see my cousins :)
Maybe I manage to write letters during that visit as I forgot my laptop's charger at my parents' place :)



  1. Omg, Nuuskamuikkunen on kalju tossa kolmannessa kortissa. o.o