Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outgoing Postcrossing cards week 8

Only got a couple of postcards with me to my parents' place and bought a couple while we were driving back from Jyväskylä.. Didn't really buy anything else yesterday BUT I managed to take 8 new addresses today as my sent postcards is 404 right now :3 Which means 17 postcards can be traveling at the same time :3 YAY!!!!

So here are the 8 cards I'll be mailing this week (If I manage to drag my ass out as I have one big assignment due next week and I'd prefer getting it done during this week as I have exam next week :( Too much to do all of a sudden!!)


Toy Story 3 card to Lithuania

Cinderella card to Japan

Finland card unwritten & in an envelope to Slovenia

Finland card to Slovakia

to Germany

to USA

to Spain

to Netherlands

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