Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday :)


Stamps. + 6 Moomin postcards
Oonko väärässä vai eiks nuo Torronsuon merkit oo loppunu postin verkkokaupasta?
Porvoon pääpostista löytyi vielä yksi arkki ja nappasin mukaan :)

New Moomin postcards

Seriously, I've never seen these before!
All from the main post office of Porvoo :)

Found from Flea market for 2€.
Kaveri sai ostamaa ku nii kaua ihailin :) En ikinä oo käyttäny servettei, mut kylhä toi ny postikortti/kirje telineenäki menee :)

Some paper and lashes for 1,25€. :)

Porvoo postcards~

Art postcards from Riimikko (LOVE THE STORE!)

More Porvoo cards for postcrossing..

Winter cards that I just HAD to get..

And more Moomins :)

Paid 2€ for this mug and 3€ for 2 quite big white mugs.. YAY! :D
Something from Daddy and Mommy~

Dad&Mum were in Tallinn last week for one night and as it's the closest place to Finland where you can buy Pickwick teas they brought me 3 packages plus a Pomegranate tea I've never tried before :3


  1. WOW! Such lovely lovely Moomin cards and I spotted some colorful new stamps! :3 Nice mug too!

    1. I know! Even though the new ones were quite expensive I just had to buy one of each :3 (though a couple were already sent forward in a swap - Moomin cards for Misstigri cards and loads more >3<
      Yep~ The colourful ones are Valentines stamps :3

  2. I also think that those new Moomin cards are so beautiful :)