Friday, February 1, 2013

Mail Week #5 (+general update) - LONG.


No school, woke up early, dad drove me to Porvoo and while I was taking my stuff out of the car an old lady just stared at me like she'd never seen another human being. I started staring at her like a crazy person until she turned and walked away (I was tired and not in a good mood and it was only 8am)
I stayed at my apartment until 9.50am (Todd in the Shadows posted his newest video!! :3) after which I walked to the town. It took me ~30mins to walk and I checked my bank account situation at least 289746238732387 times before giving up - I was supposed to get money and I thought it would be there around 10am but NO. During my wait I walked around, checked the "shelves" for English books in my local book store - they had Beautiful Creatures with the movie cover, NO THANKS!, checked the pathetic books in English shelves in our local library and stopped to eat something in subway.
Around 11.50am I decided to walk back home and try again the next day.
After walking ALMOST back home I stopped at ATM and SURPRISE B*TCH!
I had gotten the money. So I took a bus back, did some sticker and grocery (LOTS OF SWEEEEEE~TS) shopping and went to take 2 sushi plates home. I learned that in our local sushi restaurant we apparently now have "All you can eat buffet". Guess where me and N are going to go for lunch next week~ ;) And as I bought 2 plates of 12 sushi pieces they added 2 extra, as they seem to do with every take away order I've made :3 YAY! And the ice tea they have there is to die for (and costs over 3€ ;;__;;)
When I finally got home around 1.30pm I had received postcrossing cards :3
The rest of the evening was spent talking with D and what happened when she was mailing a 13kg package of clothes for her sister in Vietnam, spending time in my favorite forum, tweeting about pros and cons of tea (yes, I'm currently in twitter as well!), planning a future giveaway, chatting about possible future cosplays, not moving due to a terrible physical pain and eating sushi like my life depended on it :)
No letter writing due to the fact that I can't find a thing from my messy room and I had to read some chapters of a BORING book for Tuesday's class. And while I was thinking about that I realized that this is my 16th year studying. IN A ROW. 99% of my friends have had a gap year or something while I've been studying and I had my last summer vacation in the summer of 2006. After that I've been working during the summers, studying during winter.
I'd LOVE to have one summer without job. Even if it means putting everything on hiatus. I need some proper time off - time for myself

Sushi - "12" pieces and Oishi honey green tea :3

10 envelopes plus Wet n Wild Cover All for Desucon Frostbite

Stickers! 3 from Tiimari - 2€ each sheet and the tea stickers from Paperipilvi

Kitties and crowns :3
Postcard from Australia!

And the stamp :3

Another postcard from Down Under :D I remember my mum's uncle and aunt HATED those as the wild ones tried to destroy EVERYTHING :3
Need to get back .__.

Rose from Germany


One of my favorites :3 From Netherlands ^^

Those stamps :3

From Germany

From a 81 years old Dutch woman :)
All postcards from postcrossing :)
So no written postcards or letters on Monday :/


First of all the day began at 9am when I woke up to my flatmate's voice. She had called to the janitor because her and D's rooms didn't get any electricity. Apparently that had happened around 2am when they were still up (S writing her thesis like everyday for the last 2½weeks and D probably spending time online and watching movies/tv-series).
Luckily I was able to just close my eyes again and fell asleep. I was supposed to have classes today from 10am to 2pm but Monday had been a really painful day for me, physically and emotionally (not going through anything in here but I didn't have the energy to do anything this morning).
I got up around 10.30am when the mail slot started singing and me and D seriously RAN to the door :) I received postcards while D received something else, or at least I saw an envelope in her hands ;)
At that point I was told what had happened - everywhere else lights and everything works just fine except in D and S's rooms..
They spent the morning in the kitchen and after 2pm me and D took over - we listened to music on our laptops, wrote letters and postcards, talked about various things, made plans to go to the sushi restaurant tomorrow as she has a meeting with a teacher when I have a class or two :3 We're even planning on ordering some letter papers from Janetstore before she moves out :)
And she cooked for me :3
I swear she's the sweetest and most adorable flatmate anyone could dream of!! :)

"The electricity problem will be fixed tomorrow morning. I could've slept until 10am but apparently I'm waking up around 8am."

D's amazing envelope for her penpal. I LOVE the envelopes she has made and shown to me!
Bracelet and a postcard from Vietnam - Vietnamese classmate gave me this adorable gift a week ago :)
Me and D taking over our small kitchen table :D Yes we have 2 rice cookers :3

Spaghetti :D
3+ stamp tag from postcrossing forum

The stamps :)

Sailor Moon card from Germany :)

Bird card from Switzerland :)

And the nice stamps :3

Letters to Finland and to Europe
Pixar "UP" postcard to a postcard pal in Australia

The stamps :)

Porvoo postcard to India

5 postcards to a Lithuanian postcard pal - Valentines card (in Finland it's a celebration of friendship) and Santoro card.

Round Gorjuss postcard

La Luna Pixar postcard

Another UP postcard :D Grumpy Grandpa!

Postcards to my Dutch postcard pal - my last round Gorjuss postcard

Misstigri's Le Lotus
Your Friend The Rat postcard :)

Burn-e postcard :)

My last Moomin card - to Malaysia

In the end I didn't sleep too well and woke up at 8am when the janitor and electrician came. I just LOVE how the janitor rings our doorbell - if you were asleep before, well you're not anymore!
So I had 3 hours to get everything done before I had to leave for school and as the weather looked just horrible at 8.30am I decided to take the bus. It was the same through the whole day, snowing on and off and it was wet snow so..... D:
I woke D up 9.40am as she was taking the bus with me (11.20am) and surprise surprise she went back to sleep after that :D I was ready by 11am and sat down while D was still packing her bag.
I also got a text message from my hostess during Desucon Frostbite~ Everything should be just fine and I can start converting 2 cosplayers to Atelier Iris fans :DD

SO. School. I had one class that lasted for 25minutes. I PAID 6,6€ BACK AND FORTH TO GO TO A CLASS THAT LASTED FOR 25MINUTES.  Okay, we got some info about our Berlin trip March 5th-9th (SOMEONE WILLING TO MEET ME? :3 Or recommend some places to visit, I'll probably be going around all by myself :)) and I got a group for the report we need to make. 2 guys and me - YAY~!
And after that I waited for D for an hour as she had a meeting about her thesis :) During that time I was able to finish a letter that I started this morning ^^

At 2pm we were in the local sushi bar and paid 13,2€ for all you can eat sushi buffet (we ate a LOT! :D) and Oishi honey green tea :3 And for the first time I even heard the cook speak! As we were talking in English he actually asked us whether we like the food :D OF COURSE WE DO!
After eating we did some shopping - took D to buy the stickers that I showed her on Tuesday and went to do some grocery and Valentines gifts - we bought coconut, loads of cards, watermelon, loads of yoghurt and I had to buy Jelly Beans :D

At home there were only 3 postcards - all for me but luckily D still had a letter left to write, we made a "small" order to Janetstore - all together $90 :D (half of that was for the shipping!) so more about that next week when the almost 3kg package arrives!! :D Need to tell D to keep it unopened before I get home or hope that it arrives on days when I don't really have anything important and can work from home :3
I already gave her a Valentines gift - as I said, in Finland it's a celebration of friendships and that's how I treat the day :)
She got Hello Kitty letter pads(2), magnet, decotape, stickers and something small ;)
And I was so happy to hear that I only got to meet my group on Thursday - NO CONTACT LESSONS!
And my group met on the 3rd floor of the building where I live - I'm on the 5th floor :D)

From Poland

From Belarus

From USA
Pixar - Day and Night to Germany

Pixar - Up to Netherlands

Jetoy to Finland :)

Toy Story card to Austria
This is one of my favorites from all of the Toy Story cards! :)

To UK - the last one of these :D

To Italy - she wanted Butterflies and this was the only one I had :D
From a beautiful small store - in ROVANIEMI :)

2 nice stamps :)

Another stamp - the letter I finished at school (another letter written with Amy and Tim heart/love stationery

Decorated some envelopes for fun

Writing a letter while playing facebook games~

My hopeless try to be artistic

And the second written letter on Wednesday


Thursday was both a terrible and an okay day for me.. I slept well but I was stressed due to the meeting at 5pm - felt like I had to be ready all the time (woke up after 11am)..
So I didn't really do anything during the day, had a meeting with the guys from 5 to 6pm and then I got back to my apartment and started writing letters and postcards..
So basically it was a lazy day BUT.
D translated my Chinese horoscope for the next year (Chinese New Year :3) and it sounded quite like me -
I'll stay as accident prone as I already am BUT I will be extremely lucky (whatever that means..) BUT I will stay single :D Thank you :)

Based on the messages (and the amount of those) that D has received in interpals I'm happy I'm not Asian.. 

Letter from Germany

Strawberry Creme tea that came with the letter :)

Alice in Wonderland card from Ukraine


Cats of Bremen from Belarus

From Germany
Sent letter :) AND THE PIXAR CARD FROM UP :3

Card to Germany

South Korea card to Czech Republic

Another South Korea card to USA

Ratatouille card to Netherlands

Lifted (Pixar) card to Philippines :)

TOTAL nightmare on my part.
I couldn't fell asleep last night so I read a book until midnight (I closed my laptop a bit after 9pm), tossed and turned for a while and woke up to the frigging alarm at 6.30am (I dropped and broke my alarm clock on Thursday. Now it's stuck on 1.30pm). I got up, opened my laptop and SURPRISE!
The morning class (8-10) was cancelled and the teacher had posted the info around 9.30pm... NICE.
I spent the morning reading and writing - the first class started at 10 and school lasted until 1.30pm..
Some not that nice things happened after that, I got home a bit before 3pm and after that I locked myself inside. No. I'm NOT going out this weekend.
Unless it includes a small trip to the local store with D.

Only one incoming letter this week (5 outgoing) and February started with postcrossing cards. :)

Incoming cards from Ukraine and Russia :)

Rudof Koivu card to Poland

Alice in Wonderland card to my Russian postcard pal :)

Jetoy card to USA

And this to Kazakhstan

That's all for now. I need to finish one letter but I'll add that and the letters I manage to write during the weekend to next week's post as those will be posted next week ;)



  1. Ever thought about how acceptable it is to stare at people in Fifilandia? Like... goggle at them. Fucking idiots.

    1. I just tend to goggle back.. I can't understand how interesting it must be watching someone take their things out of the car and walk to the door. OH MY GOD! That's as fun as watching the paint dry or grass grow!

  2. Swearing hedgehog gets censored, least on last pic/card...

    1. Yeah.. :D
      Should've seen my face when I read your comment xD

    2. Why should I have seen your face? lol. Maybe I shouldn't have used the uncensored version of that bad

  3. Taas niin paljon kaikkea ihanaa postia :D Mistä oot muuten ostanu ton viimisen pitkän mallisen Kiroileva Siili-kortin? Mie oon nähny vaan niiyä normi kokosia, tollanen olis kiva!

    1. Ostin noita 4 tai 5 kappaletta postcardgardenin sivuilta joskus 2011 aikana.. :/ Enne en oo niitä ehtiny käyttää ja nyt ku en sen jälkee oo niitä nähny missää ni en oo kauheesti uskaltanu laittaa menee.. :(
      Itelläki enää 2 kpl enkä tiiä mistä lähtisin uusii ettimää.. :/