Saturday, February 23, 2013


SO. I had a week long winter vacation and I wasn't supposed to get my mail before Sunday or Monday (depending on when I get to Porvoo as I have my next class on Tuesday at 12 if I'm not mistaken) BUT as my daddy was spending his Friday in there I kindly asked him to get my mail and he did :3

I went to bed last night around 1am and woke up before 8am as me and my brother share a room at our parents' place and he SNORES. Frigging Snorlax D: So I ran downstairs picked up my mail and cat and went upstairs to read the cards and open the envelopes :3
AND. I also noticed that I had misread some assignment deadlines.. It's 3rd of May not 3rd of March :') Lucky me! Haven't even started it yet as I haven't gotten all of the books I need for that :)

I'll get the mail of Friday (week 7) today but anyways~ I have no idea when everything was received so I shared those to 3 cathegories - Postcrossing, Postcrossing forum and Other :)

Here we go~


Fantasy styled card from Ukraine :3

Love the stamps :3

Duck card from Japan :)

Parrot from USA :)

Howl's Moving Castle card from Belarus. I LOVE Ghibli >3<

Flowery card from China :)

LOVE the stamps :)

Black and White from Germany :)

Card from Jyväskylä which had apparently been traveling for a while... the stamp says it has been going around in the post since January 28th :/

One of my postcrossing favourites from Netherlands :)

Cat card from Ukraine :3

Love the new stamps :)

A FAIRY CARD WITH LILIES AND A CAT!!!! I almost screamed when I saw it!!

Jip and Janneke card from Netherlands :3

Adorable cat card from Belgium

A lovely card and a surprise from Ukraine - will be sending something back as a thank you :)

And an official card from Hong Kong! :3

LOVE the Year of the Snake stamps :3

Postcrossing Forum

=Wishlist tag= from China - 2 Jetoy cards :3

Moomin card - Wishlist card tag from China - another Jetoy :)

The stamp is nice :) Beethoven

2 Pixar cards from Kawaii/Cute RR #212 from Japan and USA

Ratatouille card has a Ratatouille stamp :D LOVE it!! :D

And the Monsters Inc. card from Japan had a nice new stamp as well :)

Anime/manga postcards tag from USA. I don't really care for Death Note :/

Fairy tag from Japan - LOVE the card :3 Even though they look like Angels :)

And the stamps!! Never seen these ones before :)

HAGAREN/FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST CARD!!!! I serioulsy had to pinch myself before I believed I received it!! I LOVE Hagaren and I'm still waiting for the 6th figure to arrive so that I have all 6 :3
Anime/manga postcards tag from Hong Kong - she saw my wishlist which includes Hagaren :3

Cartoon/comic strip/anime postcards tag from China - ANOTHER Jetoy :D

Pixar card from Russia!! This one was my favourite Pixar short as a kid :D "For the Birds"
Moomin card/Wishlist card tag :)

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag from China
Cherry blossoms :3

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag from Russia - I LOVE Alice in Wonderland cards :3

I LOVE the Soviet version of Winnie the Pooh - Vinni Puh :3 Saw a couple of episodes during my Russian classes :D

Cartoon/Comic strip/Anime postcard tag from Netherlands

For some reasons I really like the stamps :)
=Tea tag= from Ukraine - Highland Oolong, White Bloom and Kenyan Sunrise

=Tea tag= from Ukraine - Mango Delight, Tropical Marvel and Mango Green tea

New Tea Tag from Russia - Lemon, Earl Grey and Fruity Fiesta teas :)

=Tea tag= from Russia - got 3 of her favourite teas one being Pickwick!! :3

=Tea tag= from Finland

And last but not least =Tea tag= from Belarus - don't even know what the other one includes :')


Postcard from a Swedish postcard pal now staying in Spain

Thank you card from Belarus. I LOVE these cards!!! :3

Postcard from a Japanese postcard pal - Meiko card :3

Love the stamp on the right :)

Postcard from a German penpal :) She was visiting Hamburg for a couple of days :)

Postcards from Bree :3

Love the stamps :3

Envelope from D before she moved to Austria!!! ;;__;; Got some lucky money and a Valentine's card!

Miss you SO much D!!!! ;;__;; Who am I gonna write letters with in the kitchen now? ;;__;;

Postcards from a Lithuanian postcard pal

And 2 letters - replies to the letters I sent in December..
And that's it.. Wonder if I got anything else except the Big Bang Theory DVD from the mail on Friday Feb 15th :) We'll see~


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  1. The duck card is so cute :)
    Also the cat card from Ukraine...:)
    And Big Bang