Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hagaren figures :3

I still remember going through eBay with my 8 years old cousin next to me.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm looking at.. toys.."

I bought 8 (plus got one) from Frostbite but with my luck I only got 5 out of 6 and 4 doubles. I think I ordered the missing figure (Hughes) from eBay last week's Monday and I got it a week after that - YESTERDAY :D

So here are all my babies~

Maes Hughes

Winry Rockbell

Roy Mustang

Riza Hawkeye

Edward Elric

Alphonse Elric
I'm still working on the altar for them ;)

I also got this crappy figure D: Don't like it.. .__.
Need to start studying/cleaning/cooking.


Monday, February 25, 2013


I spent Friday on my own at my parents' place so I was able to write something whenever my cat wasn't running over my papers or distracting me or I didn't spend time online (too bad I had my laptop with me all the time).

Took over the kitchen :)
Small package starts traveling as soon as I get to send it (I had promised some Moomin tea)

Another letter I started Feb 12th - only took 10 days to finish 2 pages long letter -__- Go me.

LOVE the Gypsy paper, stickers and envelopes :3

4 pages long letter (both sides) and 2 pages long playlist what I listened while I was writing and checking my emails, blog and facebook :)

On Saturday I was driving to Porvoo with mum and my brother (my parents are still a bit unsure on letting him drive all alone so that's why I was dragged there with him :D). We took some stuff to my place and I saw that D had left me a nightstand ;;__;; And I really wanted it!! I was so happy to see it there!
And I got my little baby :3

I'm SO happy I got it :3

My brother had a hard time driving us back to our parents' place - first he wasn't able to start the car, he almost drove to a pole and then he wanted to get off the road.

After I got home we started watching the DVD and I wrote some postcards :) Mostly concentrating on the series as we watched the whole 1st season that night :)
I also hit my head and both of my legs during the evening.. All thanks to the fact that the upstairs at my parents' place (where me and my brother sleep and play PS2 in) is going through renovation..

Postcrossing card to Hong Kong

Inge Löök's Old Ladies postcard to a Dutch postcard pal

small note to D with a postcrossing card that came here after she moved..

to my BFF
Sunday was spent more or less cleaning, sleeping and trying to watch the second season of the Big Bang Theory - It's so boring since the episodes have been shown in Finland a million times D: But I also managed to pack the rest of my stuff and write a couple of cards..

Aurora Borealis card to a Polish postcard pal

Anime/manga postcards tag to Singapore

Moomin card to a Chinese postcard pal

postcrossing card to China (THE CARD TO CHINA WAS REGISTERED!!!! :DD)
And Monday will be spent at home, going to a small project meeting and trying to clean up my room :)


Saturday, February 23, 2013


SO. I had a week long winter vacation and I wasn't supposed to get my mail before Sunday or Monday (depending on when I get to Porvoo as I have my next class on Tuesday at 12 if I'm not mistaken) BUT as my daddy was spending his Friday in there I kindly asked him to get my mail and he did :3

I went to bed last night around 1am and woke up before 8am as me and my brother share a room at our parents' place and he SNORES. Frigging Snorlax D: So I ran downstairs picked up my mail and cat and went upstairs to read the cards and open the envelopes :3
AND. I also noticed that I had misread some assignment deadlines.. It's 3rd of May not 3rd of March :') Lucky me! Haven't even started it yet as I haven't gotten all of the books I need for that :)

I'll get the mail of Friday (week 7) today but anyways~ I have no idea when everything was received so I shared those to 3 cathegories - Postcrossing, Postcrossing forum and Other :)

Here we go~


Fantasy styled card from Ukraine :3

Love the stamps :3

Duck card from Japan :)

Parrot from USA :)

Howl's Moving Castle card from Belarus. I LOVE Ghibli >3<

Flowery card from China :)

LOVE the stamps :)

Black and White from Germany :)

Card from Jyväskylä which had apparently been traveling for a while...

...as the stamp says it has been going around in the post since January 28th :/

One of my postcrossing favourites from Netherlands :)

Cat card from Ukraine :3

Love the new stamps :)

A FAIRY CARD WITH LILIES AND A CAT!!!! I almost screamed when I saw it!!

Jip and Janneke card from Netherlands :3

Adorable cat card from Belgium

A lovely card and a surprise from Ukraine - will be sending something back as a thank you :)

And an official card from Hong Kong! :3

LOVE the Year of the Snake stamps :3

Postcrossing Forum

=Wishlist tag= from China - 2 Jetoy cards :3

Moomin card - Wishlist card tag from China - another Jetoy :)

The stamp is nice :) Beethoven

2 Pixar cards from Kawaii/Cute RR #212 from Japan and USA

Ratatouille card has a Ratatouille stamp :D LOVE it!! :D

And the Monsters Inc. card from Japan had a nice new stamp as well :)

Anime/manga postcards tag from USA. I don't really care for Death Note :/

Fairy tag from Japan - LOVE the card :3 Even though they look like Angels :)

And the stamps!! Never seen these ones before :)

HAGAREN/FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST CARD!!!! I serioulsy had to pinch myself before I believed I received it!! I LOVE Hagaren and I'm still waiting for the 6th figure to arrive so that I have all 6 :3
Anime/manga postcards tag from Hong Kong - she saw my wishlist which includes Hagaren :3

Cartoon/comic strip/anime postcards tag from China - ANOTHER Jetoy :D

Pixar card from Russia!! This one was my favourite Pixar short as a kid :D "For the Birds"
Moomin card/Wishlist card tag :)

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag from China
Cherry blossoms :3

Moomin card/Wishlist card tag from Russia - I LOVE Alice in Wonderland cards :3

I LOVE the Soviet version of Winnie the Pooh - Vinni Puh :3 Saw a couple of episodes during my Russian classes :D

Cartoon/Comic strip/Anime postcard tag from Netherlands

For some reasons I really like the stamps :)
=Tea tag= from Ukraine - Highland Oolong, White Bloom and Kenyan Sunrise

=Tea tag= from Ukraine - Mango Delight, Tropical Marvel and Mango Green tea

New Tea Tag from Russia - Lemon, Earl Grey and Fruity Fiesta teas :)

=Tea tag= from Russia - got 3 of her favourite teas one being Pickwick!! :3

=Tea tag= from Finland

And last but not least =Tea tag= from Belarus - don't even know what the other one includes :')


Postcard from a Swedish postcard pal now staying in Spain

Thank you card from Belarus. I LOVE these cards!!! :3

Postcard from a Japanese postcard pal - Meiko card :3

Love the stamp on the right :)

Postcard from a German penpal :) She was visiting Hamburg for a couple of days :)

Postcards from Bree :3

Love the stamps :3

Envelope from D before she moved to Austria!!! ;;__;; Got some lucky money and a Valentine's card!

Miss you SO much D!!!! ;;__;; Who am I gonna write letters with in the kitchen now? ;;__;;

Postcards from a Lithuanian postcard pal

And 2 letters - replies to the letters I sent in December..
And that's it.. Wonder if I got anything else except the Big Bang Theory DVD from the mail on Friday Feb 15th :) We'll see~