Saturday, January 12, 2013

The start of 2013

The year started okay, then came the panic attacks, break downs and such AS USUALLY.

Been crying a lot more than I expected to and feeling so frustrated even though I was able to meet Kim twice before she went back to Lapland and J and E came to see me before E flied back to Scotland..

I even got to laugh while watching Tim Minchin's DVD, staying up for a whole night in the biggest airport of Finland and got some belated Christmas presents:

Doctor Who mag (now I have 2 DW mags with exactly 5 years apart! November issues of 2007 and 2012!!) and Secret Diary of a Call Girl Season 1. LUV.

Jetoy postcards :3 and 2... those things for once used tea bags - didn't have any before now I have 2 and both are amazing :)

And I only got books for them -

Round Ireland with a Fridge and Looking for Alaska for J
Forest Gump and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy #1 for E.

And quality photos from the airport AND weekend (Pictures by J):

The only frigging expensive Starbucks in Finland is located in the airport - HAD to go.
Me and E ~ 4am. High as hell.
And LOADS of sushi. I ate approximately one plate of sushi a day during last week..

Then came the Tallinn trip - less than 4 hours to buy tea, alcohol and things for our upcoming pair cosplay with Kim..

10m of golden chain (6,50€)
24 blue pearls (2,40€)
a bag of golden pearls (1,90€)
4 pearl chains (4€)
plus 20% of taxes
= 17,76€


Need to go again before Feb 13th as I got another cheap ticket - 14€ back and forth for 2 people!!!

Beer for daddy

One bottle for me (will probably stay in the closet for 1-2 years as I hardly ever drink)

And 3 sparkling wines for mum as she had her 46th birthday this week.

Ice tea for me :)
Currently I'm just staying at my parents' place making sure that the cat doesn't eat my mum's plants..

For the last 2 weeks I've been more or less thinking about selling my ticket to Desucon Frostbite. I don't feel like going there as there's going to be drama once again (there ALWAYS is - from time to time the drama starts even before the convention does! + not like there would be people willing to see me D:) and I could get the money for the food for 2 weeks - one ticket has been sold for over 100€ by now and it only cost something like 20€?
And as I'm more or less loner for the 95% of the year I don't know how I can handle the crowd anymore..

On top of everything my dear flatmate told me she'll be moving first to Helsinki by the end of January and from there she'll be moving to Austria.. I'm going to lose the only person I can complain about school and she knows exactly what I mean!! .__.

So I bet the rest of the school year will be spent inside watching tv-series, writing letters and reading books.. Plus I have the frigging study trip to Berlin. WHY? It's not like someone would willingly talk to me during the 5 days trip SO I bet I'll be doing everything alone unless someone from Germany wants to meet me or I lock myself somewhere and write loads of postcards and letters in there..

After that comes a trip to Rovaniemi but we'll see how that ends up.. I have a one way ticket and no idea how I'll travel back to Southern Finland.. Flying takes approx. 1,5 hours while train takes 10....

We'll see..

Trying to post about mail tomorrow or on Monday when school finally starts..
Someone please shoot me so I don't have to go..



  1. Ainii,kysyin jo Anskulta jos voitais hakee sut autolla kentältä (silläkin on vaan massaluento sillo) ja se sanoi että sopii :D

    1. Katotaa sitte kui kaua mulla kestää saada mun laukku et ehittekö sen jälkee viel tunneille vai jäänkö ennemmi vaa istuskelee lentokentän baariin ja oottelen teitä sit muutaman tunnin päästä :)

    2. no ei siinä voi kauaa kestää kun pieni kenttä :D kaiketi :D ja muutenkin, meijän luento alkaa 13.15 ja sun lento on tääl jo 11.30, et eiköhän hyvin ehditä :D

  2. Mun työpöydän alla on tilaa ;)