Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Last Letters and Postcards of 2012 :)

Watched the year change while sitting in front of the tv watching MAMA 2012 (Asian Music Awards - the only reason the show was aired in Finland - one month later - was PSY.. Or so I believe) and wrote a couple of letters.
This morning I packed my bags and moved most of my stuff back to my apartment as I'll be meeting friends Jan 3rd-7th :3 On 3rd I'll meet up with Kim and we'll probably eat out and do some window shopping :D 4th-6th I'll spend time with E and Chuck - they'll FINALLY come see me and where I live.. (We were supposed to meet last spring in Porvoo but of course I got sick when they were supposed to come :() and on 7th we'll be going fabric and tea shopping to Tallinn with Kim :D 4€ for a ferry ticket (back and forth) not bad :P

As I came home today I saw a nice pile of mail I had received (plus E's birthday present and a paper that my newest wig had arrived and I would have been able to get it yesterday!!!! Will be going to the post office first thing in the morning and if the wig is as pretty as the images showed I'll be wearing it while meeting Kim :3 THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR IGNORING ME!! D:).
I had received 2 letters and 5 postcards (mostly Christmas/New Years cards :))

Letters from USA and Germany
Christmas cards from Germany and Netherlands

Postcards from USA, Netherlands, Netherlands and Germany

The postcards - Netherlands, USA, Germany and Netherlands :)
And postcards from my postcard pal/Netherlands :)
Don't know whether I'll get any mail tomorrow but at least Tessa has told me that she sent her reply :) We'll see.. I'll get back to writing and impatiently waiting for tomorrow to see whether I'll be pleased or disappointed with my new wig.. :3

Last year Kim ordered me a wig for my Christmas present.. I got the brown wig that's visible to everyone who visits the blog BUT it was supposed to be lighter:

Picture from ebay - the one we ordered seemed to be a shade or two lighter than this one.. But still..
As you can see it was darker than we expected.. Things like these do happen but still.. It's always a disappointment when you order a wig and in the end have to order a second one as the first one wasn't what you needed.. :/

My newest wig is supposed to look like this:

Wig pictures from ebay
 Have to wait until tomorrow to see... Thank gosh I don't need the wig before June - I have time to order a second one :D


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