Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I chose to try postcrossing again after nearly a year..
"I just send a couple of postcards"

Ended up sending all 15 I was allowed to :)

But as I don't really want to use any special stamps on the postcards that aren't for my friends I only used 3 different stamps:

2nd class to Finland, 1st class ones (had 25 of each of those) to everywhere else :)
2 Alice in Wonderland postcards - to Russia and China

Ciel/Kuroshitsuji card to Finland

Postcards to Germany and Ukraine

to Taiwan and Belarus

to Portugal and Spain

to Netherlands and Canada

to Hong Kong

to USA and Australia

AND to Poland
We'll see if I get any nice postcards this time (one of the reasons I quit the whole thing a year ago - I personally try my best to follow people's wishlists, just like I did now :))


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