Sunday, January 13, 2013

Postcrossing #2

I enjoyed sending the cards so much that I decided to send a couple of cards more :)

Gorjuss card (bought Sat. Jan. 5th) to Poland

Jetoy card to Finland (had some left and got a 2nd one of this cutie from J :3)

Angry Birds card (bought Jan 5th) to Malaysia :)

Finnish archipelago to Netherlands
And for the rest of the cards I had a lovely helper:

Butterfly to Germany

Cats to Hong Kong

Moomins to Moldova

Santoro card to Japan (still one left :3)

Cat card to USA

Another Moomin to Taiwan
"I'm so small that nothing can ever happen to me"

"Off to see the Wizard" by Jasmine Becket-Griffith
to Ukraine

"Friends and summers always return"
to Ireland


  1. the first postcard and the one: Santoro card to Japan are very beautiful! :o whooohwwii! :)
    they are all very nice but those two I like the most!

    1. I love Gorjus and Santoro cards so much >3< Too bad tehy don't really sell those in Porvoo so I tend to buy those from bigger cities, some I've even found from Estonia :D

  2. Lovely outgoing cards!!!! Did you get my New Year card?

  3. I like those Moomin cards :) and the card with the two cats and the glass of milk..and the last card.
    I once got a Moomin card (from Finland) but for some reason it had text in Norwegian on
    (I hope I haven't posted this twice, my first comment kinda didn't go through...I think)

    1. Haha :D Moomin card with a Norwegian text must have been interesting :D
      I have a couple of Moomin cards in my stash still (and going to buy some more tomorrow).. In one of the cards it looks like the Moomins are trying to commit a suicide as they are jumping down from their roof..:S

    2. Yeah... I was thinking I'd get a card with Finnish text on it, but First I thought it was Swedish on the card, but then a friend told me it's not Swedish either...:P
      It said "fodselsdagen" on the card (with a line through the o), and my friend said it is "födelsedag" in Swedish.
      Then she said it's Danish and I said it's Norwegian, lol, and with the help of google we found out then that it's Norwegian. :D
      At least it says that the word "klem" only exists as noun in Norwegian..and not in any other language...

    3. I hate not being able to edit my post after publishing it, lol.
      Wonder what the Moomins did on that card then, if they are jumping down from their roof. Would like to see that card...

    4. I don't think I've ever seen Norwegian text.. :D And I've received only one postcrossing card from there in 2010 or 2011 :D
      I have no idea :D I'm posting the suicide card during this week and as I need to go buy more cards of Porvoo I might buy a couple more Moomin cards :D
      So I think there'll be a picture of the suicide Moomins during this week..
      MAYBE. Depends on my schedule as I have NO idea when I have school this week - I'm praying that we wouldn't have as freshmen take part to a Travel Fair in Finland and some teachers will be there as well.. But it's probably not going to happen.. I just get to watch as my flat mate doesn't have any classes while I suffer through retakes and everything D:

  4. I guess I have a kinda unique card then, lol. But I guess the people who sent me the card didn't even pay attention to the text, they probably just saw the Moomins and bought it...
    As for the Moomin card...looks like they are landing softly on the snow though...but dunno :P