Monday, January 28, 2013

Mail Week #4

2 school days but for some reason I just haven't been able to write anything during the last weeks..
I mean I've started some letters but for various reasons I haven't been able to finish those..
Both mental and physical problems :/
But let's get to the mail~


To Japan (postcrossing)

2 Pixar cards to Kim

the stamps :3
Another Pixar card to my flatmate who's soon moving to Austria .__.

and the stamp~
Letter to Europe
Pixar card sent with the letter

Brave postcard to Japan

Letter to Finland

My favourite Pixar short film (Partly Cloudy)

Postcrossing cards sent with new stamps~

to Poland

Yet another Pixar card to Taiwan

to Saudi Arabia (you should've seen my face when I got the address!!)

to USA

to Netherlands

Cards via postcrossing :)

from Netherlands

from Netherlands

from Belarus (LOVE the stamps :3)

From Poland, Finland, China and Taiwan

stamps on the postcard from China

New stamps~

I LOVE these stamps! :3

Janetstore order :S

6 Amy and Tim small letter sets (2 of each)

And some stickers :)

2 letters from Germany

New stamps!!! :D

Letter from Maria (stamps :3)

Fairy card from Finland

Another postcrossing card :)


2 letters from Germany

16 Disney postcards (for a postcard pal who only seems to like Disney cards) and postcards from Australia and Belarus.

ps. Late post is late due to the fact that Kim reads my blog and we had problems with the lovely Finnish post. I ended up sending her postcards (as well as my flatmate's) in 1st class (airmail, priority - whatever you people have in your home countries, in Finland it's 1st class) and only one of her postcards arrived - on FRIDAY (1st class - arrives the NEXT day, not after 2 days). And I still don't know whether she'll receive the UP card or not.. :(
But D did receive her Cars 2 card and at least the letter to Europe has arrived.. :)

Maybe I'll be able to do the next mail post this week's Friday unless something bad happens :/
But at least postcrossing cards seem to arrive during Mondays ;)


  1. Ihania posteja jälleen! :) Noi muumikortit varsinki! Mistä oot muuten noi kirjesetit ostanu? :)

    1. 99% kirjeseteistä ostan janetstoresta ( - kalliit postarit Taiwanista Suomee, n. $10 jos ostaa sillä minimillä ($10)), joskus ku löytyy kivoja ni postcardgardenista ( - en oo ostanu sielt kunnolla vuode 2011 jälkee) tai modes4u ( - 60€ -> tilaukset sisältää ilmasen postituksen :))

  2. The new stamps are so cute! Received your card few weeks ago but haven't got to reply yet. Just done with finals and next week I have 2 important tests to sit for! One of which is related to law! Pharmacy law! I'm gonna faint! :( Write you soon! ;)

    1. Those are okay but I'm STILL waiting for the Moomin stamps<3 >3<
      Good luck with your exams! :)

  3. Mistä noi Pixar-kortit on? Netin kautta varmaankin?

    1. ja The Art of Pixar, Volume II: 100 Collectible Postcards: 2 [Card Book] :)

  4. I just love the Moomin cards :) And the card with the cat that says "Iloa päivääsi" or something like that...
    and do you know what that black animal (?) is on that card that says "Oon erilainen..."? Is it some special character?

    1. I also love the Moomin cards - too bad I need to go hunting for some new ones soon.. Thank gosh I know a perfect place for that but we'll see when I get to drag myself out of the apartment :D
      The hedgehog that says "Oon erilainen..." is from a Finnish comic Kiroileva Siili (swearing hedgehog). I LOVE the hedgehogs, too bad I don't think there are any translations of those :S

    2. I wish I also had some place here where I could get Moomin cards...

      Swearing, cool...I googled the text on the card and found another that said "Perkele" I know why it said that :P

    3. Yeah.. :( I also checked amazon for Moomin cards and those were at least twice the price in Finland 0,5-2€/card, depending on where you purchase those..

  5. I really like the Pixar postcards, where do you buy them? (Found some postcard books at Amazon)
    And a lot of nice stamps, both incoming and outgoing :)
    I also want to place an order at Janetstore, but I really have NO money at the time to do that :/ Love the Amy & Tim sets :)

    1. Pixar cards are from :) I bought the 2nd postcard "book" of 100 cards :) TOTALLY worth the money :) I only had a couple of cards I didn't personally like :)
      I really recommend having money when doing the orders :) I just made a new order with a friend and the total was almost $100 - half was for the damn shipping.. :/