Friday, January 18, 2013

Mail (Week #3)

Incoming and outgoing mail - stayed at home on Tuesday thanks to the tetanus vaccination. Why the heck do I have to get a fever after EVERY vaccination I've ever gotten? D: And rest of the week was free (due to Matka Travel Fair, which I visited on Thursday).
Still I didn't manage to finish as many letters as I wish I had (I'm currently addicted to one forum so most of my free time is spent there.. :( ). Maybe I get to finish more during the weekend..


Sent on Monday

swap, some letters, postcrossing cards and a horse card - sent on Monday
Sent on Friday (only because D was going to the post office and asked whether I need something.....)

Suicide Moomins to China :)

3+ stamps tag (postcrossing forum) to China

And the 3 stamps
And I FINALLY found these postcards:

Misstigri - Miss Swan
to Netherlands and Czech Republic

Misstigri - Miss Ginkgo
to Switzerland

Miku card - I'll never get rid of all of these -__-
to USA

Lighthouse card :)
to Germany

Lorrie McFaul's Fairy card :3
to Russia

And another card I found while visiting Rovaniemi :)
to Taiwan (I think :S)
Round Gorjuss card to Belarus

Old Porvoo postcard to Australia

Winter landscape to Canada

Lorrie McFaul's "Love Grows" to Finland

Another Porvoo postcard to Germany

Penguin postcard to Germany

Letter and a postcard to Germany

Letter to USA

Card to Finland

Card to Malaysia

Card to India

Card to Portugal
to Netherlands

Monday's mail-
Postcrossing card from Singapore (SG-91589)
Postcard from a Lithuanian postcard pal
Postcard from a Japanese postcard pal

The card from Lithuania
Postcrossing card from Slovenia (SI-70804)

And another postcrossing card from Germany (DE-1865603)

Wednesday brought a cute postcrossing card from Belarus (BY-728463)
On Thursday my mail slot was on a diet

And on Friday I got letters from Germany (been apparently traveling aroundsince Dec 21st as that's what the cancellation stamp said) and Hong Kong :)

Need to continue cleaning and packing (weekend with my kitty cat :3)~


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