Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Mail Stats

Mail stats of January 2013 - Now that I finally write down received and sent letters and postcards :)

Letters -12
Postcards - 39
Swaps - 1
Letters -10
Postcards - 37
Swaps - 1

Incoming was a lot better than outgoing.. On the other hand in December I sent 28 letters and only received 8 :)


And don't forget Lettermo!
I'm committed to mail something during the 20 days when the mail actually travels in Finland(no mail during the weekends :( ) and write at least 28 letters during the next month, if not one letter a day (I have at least 1 retake for which I REALLY need to study for) then at least 28 letters in total. :)

And I start tomorrow by mailing 2 letters and 5 postcards - written yesterday night and today ;)

And Lunar New Year will be on Feb 10th! :)
I'll be celebrating it with D in our apartment! We'll see if S will stay here with us as well :)


  1. Writing one letter each day of the month...28 letters ..sounds like a lot to do. I don't think I'd be able to write that much...I wouldn't even know who to write to...

    1. Some of my pals reply REALLY fast and if I have problems with not having enough letters to write I'll write to my flatmate as she said that she'll write to me when she doesn't have any letters to send :DD So it'll be fun :)

    2. Cool :)
      I don't have many penfriends though..about 4 or 5 I think...and most of those seem to take their time with replying. Not even the ones that also live in Germany (where it takes about a day for a letter to arrive normally) seem to write a lot. The last letter I got from her came shortly before Christmas...and I had to wait about 2 weeks for it or so...was already thinking she doesn't want to write anymore... I wrote her back around christmas, and since then I haven't heard from her it's been about a month without hearing from her (or even more). Or she has lost interest in writing to me...

    3. Now even postcrossing confirmed that January was a bad month for mail for
      Postcards sent 3
      Postcards received 0

      Days your mailbox was happy: 0 :-(

      No days where my mailbox was February will be better...

    4. I don't think she would've lost interest in writing with you! :(
      Maybe she's just so busy or takes time writing back? :/

      If you didn't receive any cards during January you should receive at least 3 postcards in February! :)
      I'm still waiting for my postcrossing stats for January :( Takes too long!! ;;__;;

    5. Who knows..I've had many people lose interest in writing to me...they stopped writing without any reason...
      Maybe I didn't try enough though..since I never sent a second letter then to ask why they didn't reply...

      Yeah..I hope to receive some postcards then in February...but I think I've read too much on the postcrossing forum about people waiting for cards for 50 days...or 244 days or So if I'm out of luck, I won't get any cards in February either...
      My postcrossing stats arrived pretty quickly...but then there weren't much stats
      Did you get yours by now?

    6. I seriously don't understand why people would lose interest in writing to you! D: I just take a long time from time to time but I still haven't lost interest..
      Unless the letters are always 1-2 pages long even if I send a long letter (has happened with some of my pals).. D:

      Still no stats.. D: I seriously don't understand why ;;__;; But I have received private swap requests today and yesterday.. :/
      And about the times, yeah.. My 3 longest travelling postcards are from Russia (107 and 124 days) and Moldova (148 days D:) Can you imagine?!?!

    7. Yeah..well, I don't know the reasons why they stopped writing, except for one e-mail friend-to-be (story follows below, lol.) But she did what you don't like either...replying with short messages to long e-mails/letters.
      It went like that with her: First I asked her if it'd be a problem for her that I'm a lot older than she is, and she said „no“. So I wrote her a longer message then, telling her about me and asking her things...and got only short replies, kinda "cold" replies with just a few sentences. Then she deleted me from her facebook friends and when I asked her why, she said "because we don't talk"“ But it isn't very interesting to write or talk to someone when that person only replies to a short part of your message..
      Then I gave up...cause only one week went by without writing to her...which is not really much time. With some friends sometimes way more than one week goes by where we don't really talk or write, online friends that is..and they don't say then that now they don't want to be friends anymore...It takes two to talk...

      And recently I've gotten a letter from someone, and I don't really know yet what to reply to her letter...the letter read like a description of herself, like something you'd put in your „about“ in a forum or on a facebook...She wrote like about a page, maybe a little bit more, and I've written a longer letter to her before. And she didn't really react to anything I've written, nor did she ask any questions of her own.

      Wonder why it takes so long for your stats to arrive...maybe there is a lot they have to calculate? lol
      I haven't had that long travel times yet...still to new at postcrossing yet for that... If the cards that were (hopefully) sent to me will take that long as well, I won't get anything in a while...
      I have a card travelling to Russia since 20 days and while I know that it can take more time for it to arrive to Russia, the person hasn't logged in since, surprise surprise, 20 somehow I doubt that card will ever get registered...but who knows.
      Could be she really only logs on when she receives a card...we'll see.
      (sorry for the long comment, lol.)

  2. Looks like February is gonna be better indeed :) Just got a postcrossing card from Portugal...

    1. Yeah :) I've also gotten a letter today from Brazil :) and my latest order from Levykauppa Äx arrived as well today...

      And my postcrossing card to Belarus was received..after 20 days or so...