Monday, January 14, 2013

Incoming Jan 2nd - Jan 11th

Week 1:

AGAIN: I have a crappy camera and I know it.

And lets start the post with a nice story about my first visit to the post office in 2013, trying to get my wig and mail a Christmas present.. (No pics of the wig as I look like a dork while wearing it without the costume).

Went to the post office to get my wig. First of all there was a line and the granny before me and someone else were going through every stamp and as the person behind the counter was new it took some time.

When I got to the counter I was smiling and gave the paper with the tracking number of my wig. The post officer checked it on computer and from her expression I just KNEW something was wrong. She asked me what the package should look like - I gave descriptions of all the other wig packages I've received and she looked for it for at least 5 minutes (the granny BEHIND me was getting frustrated with her big package). Then she just shook her head "I don't think it has arrived yet". I told her that I got the paper to my apartment on Monday (Dec 31st) so it HAD to be there. She looked at the tracking number and showed it to me. "Well it's not RL so what can it be?". My brother has had a handwriting that's almost impossible read so I'm used to reading terrible handwriting. I smiled a bit and asked whether it could be "RC" (to me it was an obvious C). She tried and voila! My package was found from the SAME PLACE SHE LOOKED FOR IT.

After I got my package I was mailing a Christmas present for Tessa. I gave it to the post officer and she was weighing it. I told that I wanted it to be sent in 1st class as long as it weights less than 500g. First she was going to mail it within Finland. Then she smiled at her mistake and shook her head. "Sorry, to Australia" I was looking at her. "No. To Austria". Again she looked at the package and nodded. "Yeah, oops.."

That was my first trip to the post office this year. And wasn't the first time a post officer has mixed Austria and Australia..

Christmas/New Year's cards from Amit (India), Germany and Spain

from Amit

from Germany

from Spain
Card from Lotte/Belgium
The card
And the first letters of 2013:

from Germany and Austria
T sent me adorable stickers and some letter paper with his letter..

While Tessa decorated her letter with huge amount of stickers and a special request (plus added 2 Malaysia cards :))
Week 2:

Nothing during Monday and Tuesday when I was there to check the mail but when I came back on Sunday I had received 5 postcrossing cards, a swap and the 3rd letter of 2013 :)
My dear flatmate and future pen pal D also gave me a belated Christmas present! :)

First of all:
As well as the adorable bookmark and ballpoint pen :)

The swap :) I got stamps and some PICKWICK TEA!!! :3

Letter from Germany + 2 teas - Strawberry-Raspberry and Ginger-Elderflower, the latter I drank when I saw it as I LOVE ginger. :)

Postcrossing card from Germany..
NOT so big fan of city cards.. Maybe from Asia but from Europe or America PLUS multiview.. Not my thing :/

"Best Regards"
from Austria

Linda Peltola's "The Apple Tree Fairy" from Finland
I LOVE these cards SO much!! Haven't bought any in a year or two and now I'm really considering on buying and sending fairy love to my pals :3

Wintery card from Estonia :3

And adorable cat card from Netherlands :)
We'll see what the future brings..
Need to continue writing letters.. Not so much being sucked to the world of forum RPGing.. :(
But I can't survive my boring lonely evenings if I don't spend it waiting for the next message to pop up.. :S Addicted. Once again.



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    1. I know!!! >3< Loved it the moment I saw it :D
      I'm hoping to get more cat cards like that x3

  2. Lovely cards!!!I love that fairy card and also the cat one.Both the card are really amazing!!! I am glad that you got my card.