Monday, January 14, 2013

"Depression" shopping

School started again and my morning started with a tetanus vaccination (yay! Last time I wasn't able to use my left arm for the whole week, wonder what'll happen this time! By 6pm nothing that bad had happened - I just can't use it that much..) and of course we didn't have anything important at school :D
AND on top of everything Matka travel fair messes up our schedules so I won't have any classes on Wednesday or Thursday this week (and from next week forward I bet I have one of those days off..).

After the 40 minute meet up with the group I decided to check Tiger store for some "address labels" as it's located less than 100m from my school :)
Didn't find what I was looking for BUT, meet my new best friend:

I get to take tea to school everyday from now on :3
Cost 4€
I also bought some bigger envelopes, Manila tags and tapes from there - all together 7€

After that I walked to the Old Town and checked my favorite postcard store Sadunhenki where I found a Porvoo magnet and 3 postcards - 7€ all together

After Sadunhenki I visited an old toy store Riimikko and found some Moomin cards and some adorable stickers :) 8,80€

Moomins - up right is the Moomin suicide card that I love SO much :)
And the stickers :3
In the end I also went to buy something to eat (yoghurt and such) and found a couple of postcards I wanted to get..

And that concludes today's shopping trip.. Couldn't find postcards that I liked from Sadunhenki but that's okay.. :) At least I was able to save some money :)

For the first time during this school year I actually COOKED something from the start.
I spent some time in the kitchen with D and while she was doing her instant noodles (more like ramen as she put everything there - I seriously love having Asian flatmates!) and I chose to try and make avocado-pasta.
It actually turned okay :D (Thank you D for letting me use your salt, pepper, olive oil and giving me one of your limes!!! - Can you tell that I don't really cook.......?)



  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it? >3<
      I walked in, saw it and decided to buy it immediately :D

  2. I would have fallen in love with this cup and bought it immediately as well! It's so adorable!
    And I also love the "Moomin suicide" card! So funny :)