Monday, December 31, 2012

Outgoing Dec 31st 2012

The last post of 2012! I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it's the last day of this year. Tomorrow will be 2013 and I need to learn to write 2013 instead of 2012.. Going to take SOME time.. Hopefully less than 4 months this time..

I went to my apartment on Boxing day to try out my new hoover and met with my childhood friend (she already got her present on Dec 12th, took 2 weeks longer for her to give me my present which was..

Unearthly :3 Can't wait to start it :3
OUTGOING Dec 31st 2012

The only outgoing that's missing is Aliaa's book which I mailed out Dec 22nd while I was buying some stamps from a local post office :)

Postcards - 7
Letters - 11

Postcards to Lithuania

Postcards to China and Japan

Postcard to Malaysia (My last Moomin card :()

Postcards to Australia

They didn't have Christmas stamps anymore so I took the cloud ones instead..
Letters to Europe (Moomin stamps! :3)

Letter to Finland (and the creepy Moomin stamp....)

I have LOADS of stickers to use so I decided to do something like this with nearly every letter :)

Letters to Europe

Letter with a small surprise to Finland

Letter to Europe

Love the stamp :)

And the last letter to.. Europe :)
That's all for now, next time I'll mail letters on January 14th :)




  1. Happy new year :)
    I've been wondering...when you buy stamps online, is there a minimun amount you have to buy...or could you theoretically just buy one or two stamps? And do you have to pay for shipping of the stamps?

    1. The online shop is currently closed until Jan 2nd and I don't know if they're changing something but until now there were no minimum amount of stamps you had to buy, but when the order was less than 20-27 euros (can't remember what was the exact amount as it's down :/) you had to pay 2-3€ worth of postage.. So for example my order of stamps in July ( was free of postage :)
      I hope they won't change things that much as I'd still like to order my stamps online :/ At least mostly..

  2. I wanted to test it here a few days ago and order a set of 10 stamps, and it said that I have to order for at least 10 euros...and I have to pay for shipping as well...only when I order for at least 50 euros, I don't have to pay for shipping...and I don't plan on buying stamps for 50 euros, lol. So I guess I won't be doing lots of online stamp buying at least for now...
    Could very well be that they change something for new the prices for stamps within Germany go up by a few cents...
    Stamps to Europe and rest of the world stay the same though..

    1. I've read about the postage changes in Germany from a couple of German blogs and in a way I see why they do it but still.. :/ It's always such a shame that the prices get higher.. :/
      But compared to Finland you're still doing quite well :) Our first class (priority/airmail) stamps cost 0,8€ no matter whether you mail the letter OR postcard (same price, the only time the prices are lower is during Christmas due to the Christmas card season) - Finland or abroad (Europe, Asia, Americas - changes start to be seen after the letter weights more than 20g) and our 2nd class (economy, pretty much only works in Finland (haven't personally sent anything except big packages to Europe, Asia and North America with Economy shipping - we'll see how it works with a package to Africa :/) is 0,70€.. (if you want to try sending economy mail to abroad (up to 20g) it's 0,75€.. That's the price of the current "letters to Europe" in Germany, right? :)
      And from what I've understood the letters within Germany is rising from 0,55€ to 0,58€?

    2. Yeah...especially cause you've gotten used to the 55 cents for letters inside Germany...I can't remember the last time the prices went up...for national letters, that is. Gonna be hard to get used to the 58 cent stamps now...
      Actually I have no idea how much Finnish postage costs, lol... All the stamps from Finland that I got just say "1 lk" on them...
      The first time I saw "1 lk" on a Finnish stamp, I thought "what kind of a currency is that?" lol.
      We have no first or second class stamps, they all cost the same, all year round.
      They've changed the prices for international mail a year or two ago, I think. Before then a letter to America, Asia or Africa did cost 1.40 euros or so...and letters to Europe 70 cents. Now all letters outside of Germany cost 75 cents.'s 75 cents for letters abroad.
      And yep, it's raising from 55 cents to 58..that doesn't bother me that much, those 3 cents, especially since I don't send many letters within Germany (for now, lol), but it bothers me that now you can't buy 55 cent stamps anymore and add a 20 cents stamp for letters with 58 cent stamps it's more complicated...

      And I hope the day will be over soon, lol...I already start hearing the fireworks, and my cat gets so scared by them that she'll hide under the sofa or somewhere else and only come back out way after least that is what she did during the last years...

    3. I can imagine! In Finland the prices have been going up and down.. Over 10 years ago Priority mail cost 0,65€ but on the other hand priority was the only way to send letters until 2011 unless you sent at least 20 postcards or letters at the same time with 2nd class..
      I believe we have the 1st and 2nd class stamps so that when the prices change the post offices don't have to make new stamps - the stamps are like those "Forever" stamps in US - the price may change but if you've bought the 1st class stamps 10 years ago with 0,65€/stamp you can still use the same stamps even though the prices have come up with 15 cent.. :)

      I'm so happy I live in the middle of nowhere - can't hear the fireworks especially since I didn't buy any.. Spending normal evening at my parents' place before going back to my apartment tomorrow :)

  3. I'm not sure if we actually have a "middle of nowhere" in Germany ..the way you may have it in Finland...I live in a village...but I can already hear the fireworks and my cat went into hiding already...all scared, poor cat...
    I haven't bought any fireworks for myself either, but you can't stop the others from buying them...

    That's kinda good then that you can still use those 1st and 2nd class stamps even after price goes now that price goes up, you can't use the old stamps anymore starting tomorrow...well, you can use them, but you have to buy 3-cent stamps now when you use a 55 cent stamp...

    2011 I got a stamp from Finland that said "postimaksu maksettu, kaikkiin maihin/till alla lander"...Never seen a stamp before that said "postage paid, to all countries"...:P

    1. That's too bad :( But on the other hand in Finland 75% if not more of the country is forest/lakes and we only have a bit over 5 million people in here and one fifth lives in Helsinki area :)

      I can imagine that'll be a bit hard at the beginning but at least you do get new stamps immediately :D

      I've never seen those "postimaksu maksettu" stamps.. :D Unless it was printed on a postcard :)

    2. Yeah..we got some 80 million people here, lol, so it's a bit harder to find places where you are away from like everybody else...

      Not sure though if we'd get new stamps that quickly..since they've made those 3-cent stamps that you can add...and their "design" is just a huge 3 on them :P
      But I'll see next year, I guess..

      And yeah, that stamp was printed on a postcard...:P

      Just a few more hours and the year is over...

  4. definitely the postcard to Malaysia is the best, and the could stamps are lovely!! Great mail! My best wishes for the next year!