Saturday, December 22, 2012

Incoming Dec 17th-21st

To my surprise I received some mail to my parents' place on Wednesday for some reason! Don't know how as most of those are redirected to my apartment even if people use my parents' address..
But let's get to the mail :)

Wednesday Dec. 19th 2012

Christmas cards from a German pal and my high school friend (plus a stamp from the envelope I sent to my parents - they usually throw envelopes away so I was allowed to cut the stamp for my collections)

Christmas tree (2012) and Santa (2010) stamps

The postcards I received :)


Friday December 21st 2012

I woke up early and left around 10am to check on my mail and meet up Kimmy. I loved everything I had received BUT. I ordered a PSP game for my brother (Final Fantasy IV - Complete Collection) and paid quite a lot for it. I received the package today and SURPRISE! I got a PS2 game - Need for Speed Most Wanted. I DON'T DO A THING WITH THAT GAME!!!! Due to that I've been really angry and frustrated - my brother won't get a present from me this Christmas.

But to the mail~
3 packages:

Christmas present from Maria/Finland, the game from Greece and a swap from Spain
At least I got some new stamps from Greece....?
Every Spanish person I know wants their stamps back - could some one explain me WHY? Are those so expensive or something? Do people try to reuse the stamps the buy as many times as possible? - Because from what I've seen the people I write or swap with probably do reuse those (the stamps have glue all over them or are taped over, just like in this package)

Stickers, Christmas card and labels, some note papers and post-its.

Also this adorable bag :3

With a cute Christmas tree ornament, pin, magnet and 2 clothespins :3
Cards from S/Fin, Ninnu, Bree. J/Australia and E/Japan

Stamps on the Finnish cards - surprise surprise :)
Stamp from Malaysia
Australian stamp :3

And the Japanese stamps :3

FB swap from Sweden - LOVING how thick it was :3

And stamps from Sweden
The FBs

The rest of the Christmas cards I received - Kimmy, my Lithuanian postcard pal, Chuck and Tessa/Austria :)

LOVE the card Kim mailed me ;)
Postcard from Lithuania - What does the text mean? :D

Chuck's postcard :D
Christmas card, cards from Lviv and Budapest and a magnet of Budapest :)
And letters from Germany - from a guy I've never talked to before and he didn't tell me where he got my address :/ and a letter from a girl I didn't think I'd hear from ever again..
I also got 3 packages I needed to get from a post office (didn't fit through my mail slot) and I received some things I ordered for E, Chuck and Kim and the following items for me and my brother:

Books for me! :D The last books I'm going to buy before March when the only book I'm allowed to buy is Girl of Nightmares (Anna #2)

Zombie-Loan 4&5 for me and my brother :)
As neither me nor Kim had wrapped up the Christmas presents she got to see her presents and probably starts to read the books I got for her :)
I was thrilled to see what she had made and got for me :3

Make-up bag with Jetoy pictures :3 and a framed photo of our 1st photoshoot :)

The other side of Jetoy bag (she made it after bugging me to send her my 5 favourite Jetoy pictures :D)

Silence (Hush, Hush #3 :3)

2 teas from the only proper tea shop in Porvoo :3

30 (?) envelopes sent to Santa Claus - Income goes to UNESCO :3
I love her for knowing me so well and getting me exactly what I wanted :D Unfortunately some of the envelopes are SO adorable that I don't even want to cut the stamps out of those :)
Envelopes from:
China - 1
Hong Kong - 3
Japan - 3
Ukraine - 3
Russia - 1
Lithuania - 3
Germany - 3
France - 3
Italy - 7
UK - 9
Poland - 6
Finland - 3

In total: 45 (bag said 30 :D)

And my favourite envelopes for one reason or another:

From Hong Kong


I LOVE this envelope from Finland

stamp :3

Love the drawings and names in the left :3

stamps - sorry for the crappy quality

Another one from Poland :)

LOVE the stamp!

Greenland Northpole :)

Reindeer land :D
LOVE what I got and I think I'll work hard during the weekend and next week to send off as many letters as I can on Dec 31st :)

Take care everyone!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)



  1. Weird that your Spanish friends or penpals demand the stamps back...when I lived in Spain, I never asked for the stamps back, and my friends from Spain never wanted the stamps back as well.
    I think a penpal from Greece once though wanted the stamps back (if I remember correctly).
    And I always wondered if you can even reuse stamps...I don't think I'd ever do that, since you can see normally that they've been used...

    1. Everyone I've met from Spain have wanted to get their stamps back for reuse for some reason (I can't understand how someone can even think about reusing stamps by taping or gluing those..
      The only one I feel okay sending the stamps back is a Austrian pal I have who collects Austrian stamps - I'd be happy to help in these cases but not when people demand their stamps back.. Once I even got a letter from a German woman who wanted the stamp back for reuse..

      In my case, I think the only time you can reuse stamp is when the post office hasn't cancelled it.. It happens now and then in Finland and the stamps are accepted as long as those haven't been cancelled..

    2. That's a pity, Spain has nice stamps... Just keep the stamps anyway, lol. (if they look nice still..)
      I wouldn't risk reusing stamps...cause if the post office doesn't accept that, then the person who gets the letter/package/card might have to pay an extra fee...
      I always get new stamps for each letter or card I send...

      I think I've gotten such a stamp from Finland recently, that wasn't cancelled. Cause I searched in vain for something on the letter that said when the card was sent and from where, but there was nothing, just the stamp. Was all confused when i saw

  2. And glad that you got my card in time for Christmas :)

  3. Wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!!!