Saturday, December 1, 2012


from weheartit
It feels like November just started and it's already the beginning of December..
November was more or less a hard month for me, I had a sick leave from school, anemia is back (due to it I'm tired most of the time, I've lost my appetite for good as well as had quite bad chest pains) and school has been a nightmare..

Only 2 weeks full of exams and deadlines before Christmas vacation starts but I'm wishing it would start already..
I want to sleep and write letters as I haven't been able to write nearly anything during November even though my pals are waiting for replies from me.. I've even stayed at home now and then so that I could sleep..
During the last two weeks I've been trying to sleep late as my neighbors apparently love to party or at least play music until 2am and I can hear the bass to my room and during this week whenever they play Gangnam Style or Cee Lo Green's Fuck You the music is turned max so that even I can hear the whole song..
Next time that happens I'm definitely calling the cops and notifying the janitor..


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