Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cats & a perfect surprise from a flatmate

Now that I'm spending my Christmas break at my parents' place (cleaning up, messing up the room I share with my little brother and catching up with the letters) my baby boy is thrilled to have me all to himself - he even started protesting when I didn't pet him but concentrated on a letter I wanted to finish before going to bed (it was around 1.30am).

I love him to bits but whenever I'm writing I just can't stand the fact that the best place to lay is on top of the letter I'm writing.

AND! I receive a message from my flatmate yesterday and I was SO thrilled:

"Your package has arrived. And also a lot of mails and posts."

Mail post coming on Friday or Saturday with incoming and outgoing mail :)



  1. My cat does the same sometimes when I'm typing on the comp...then she lays on the keyboard so that I can't type she wants to say "you're not gonna type on the comp now, it's time now to play with me"

    1. Mine has done exactly the same, to the extent that my computer went all crazy :D