Sunday, December 9, 2012

Break from Facebook.

from weheartit
The one week break from Facebook started on Friday Dec 7th as I asked my brother to change my password after I had a slight break down during school and just decided I need to disappear for a while.

I have a week full of deadlines and exams (2 exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, a possible presentation and exam on Friday and various deadlines throughout the week). As usual, I didn't manage to do anything during the weekend but I DID "get rid of" my letters and books (left those at my parents' place) so that I wouldn't be tempted to read or write during the upcoming week..

The first 2 and a half days have been okay but I can actually see that I was am addicted to the site even though most of the time nothing happens.
Kimmy was supposed to change my Gmail and blog passwords as well but to my luck she hasn't had the change and I can still do SOMETHING whenever I take a break from studying..

I still have two deadlines I want to finish today and study a bit for my exams which are held on Tuesday..
I've already failed one exam during these 3 weeks of deadlines and exams (retake will be held in February :/) and I'd rather keep it at one.. THOUGH I'm quite sure I need to retake at least one more unless I magically start speaking perfect Russian and have time to study for the other exam on the same day..

But I really need to keep working on the assignments and try to get those done while trying not to be tempted with all the books I have currently AND the ones I'll probably receive during next week...


ps. Kimmy promised to help me change the layout sooner or later..
Maybe we'll manage to change it by Christmas eve so that we'd get rid of the summery look :)

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