Monday, December 17, 2012

Another mail/shopping post!

I guess it's time for another mail update as the next time I'll be visiting my mailbox and the post office will be on Saturday, the day after the end of the world :) Might also meet Kimmy quickly to exchange presents..

To be honest I haven't done anything for Christmas, wrote the Christmas cards already in the beginning of November and Kim sent those forward a week or two ago from the Arctic circle and I ordered most of the presents online so I only had to click a couple of time and everything was done..
But it took me a while longer to find myself an Christmas calendar BUT! I managed to find one about a week ago and been really happy as during the last 3 years this is the first time I have one :)

I also saw Taylor Swift's newest video yesterday and since then I've been (once again) played it non-stop. I need the CD (Deluxe version) no matter what!

But let's get to the mail, shall we? :)

Incoming Nov 5th-Dec 15th~

Doesn't include everything, for example I didn't take photos of a couple of letters or postcards from "New York" or India..

Letter from Australia

the letter included friendship bracelet and the page of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

small swap from Norway - from 2021 :))

Letter from Germany (10.11.12 :))

2 letters from Germany and a sweets swap from Singapore

teas and stationery

necklace and a ring

Letter and a swap from Germany

Postcard from Aliaa/Egypt

But as Egyptian mail hates me she needed to send it from Kuwait
One part of E's present, letter from Germany and 3 Christmas cards from J/UK, E/UK and J/France

And the postcards :)

Present from Aliaa (we bought each other books - I'm still to sen her the book I bought for her X__x)

And Friday's mail - 2 letters from Germany and a package from South Korea
Makeup from South Korea :)

Outgoing Nov. 5th - Dec. 15th~

Unfortunately most of the letters and packages have been sent in November so I can't remember to whom I sent which envelope and postcard.. AND there are some envelopes I didn't take pictures of..

2 postcards and 3 letters - probably to France, Germany and Finland (written Nov 7th)

close up on stamps

2 postcards - probably to Australia and UK

Postcard to Lithuania

The used stamp.. I love this year's Christmas stamp :)

Package UK and the postcard from earlier picture

Close up on the stamps - Christmas tree ;)

Sweets + stationery + tea swap to Singapore - the most expensive package I've sent to date :)

Postcards to Netherlands

Letter to Germany

Letters to South Africa and Germany (?) No idea anymore..

The stamps

Letters to Germany and South Korea

Swap to Germany

We're all ma here :)

The stamps

Letters to Germany and Hong Kong

Christmas present to Maria/Finland

Package to ???

Letter/Package to Netherlands
Some shopping done~

Moomin Chocolate :3

Black Bird 2&3 and Zombie-Loan 3

On Friday I picked up the part of Kim's present she already knows - Fashion Drawings (the first thing I got to her she already had - 2 copies in fact - so this time I asked what she needed and wanted and what no one else will get for her.
I also found the book I had looked a week ago and got to buy it (even though it would've been cheaper to order it online.....)
I'm starting to catch up with my mail slow yet surely and my goal is to reply to all of the current letters I have by Jan 13th. Lots of time and the letters that come during my break have to wait until I'm done with the current ones :)



  1. Voi miten paljon ihania posteja :)

  2. Ooh, so many lovely things;_;

    I don't like Taylor, but the guy on her new video is so hot... c:

    1. I've listened to Taylor since I was 15 or 16 and I get all excited whenever she releases new CD or a single :) But I still do prefer her old music (most of the time)..

  3. wow!! super amazing mail!! I love all those stamps!

  4. Finland stamps are always amazing!!!! I have sent you a New Year card and hope you will get it on the right time.

    1. It could arrive on time but unfortunately after this week's Friday I won't be going to my apartment for 1-2 weeks so I won't be picking up the mail and as my flatmates are away for Christmas they won't be sending me updates either.. :/

      I like some Finnish stamps but I love every stamp I've gotten or seen from Japan!

    2. Japanese stamps are certainly great! I love them too but I am quite fond of Finland stamps.

    3. Finnish stamps are just so great...I got the christmas-tree shaped one a while ago and I just loved it.
      German stamps are so boring compared to that...

    4. I personally received the Christmas tree stamp yesterday via my parents' but I'm not that happy about it, the Christmas stamps of 2010 and 2011 were a lot nicer in my mind..

      But I do find German stamps a bit boring as I only get the same stamps over and over again - mostly the 75 flower. I know you have amazing stamps but I almost never receive those.. :/

  5. The 75 cent flower stamp is basically the only 75 cent stamp we have here. All the other stamps are for letters within Germany...
    I found some other 75 stamp recently, but when I went to get more of those, they told me they sold them all.
    So the only thing you can do if you don't want to send that flower stamp,is to buy a 55 or 45 cent stamp and get a 20 cents or 30 cents stamp from post office. That's the only way here to get some variety on the letters...unfortunately.
    I know that cause I've been looking desperately for some variety with stamps...the flower is nice, but boring...

    1. And often you have to buy a package of 10 stamps of same type, cause they don't sell them separately... If you buy those flower stamps, you can only buy 1 or two (or how many you want.). But with other stamps you gotta buy 10, so then you have 10 of the same stamp as well...
      And if you don't buy stamps, you often just get that sticker on it that says "postage paid"...
      So here you gotta be creative when you want a variety of stamps to send to someone...(at least that is my experience...maybe it's different in other places of Germany...)

    2. That is quite sad.. In Finland we get around 20 or 30 new 1st class stamps annually and those are for international mail.. plus there are the 2nd class stamps for slower letters within Finland..
      But the 75 cent flower isn't the only one I've received again and again - there are also "Altstadt Regensburg", "Romania" and "Pfälzer Hutte".. And the newest stamp I've gotten was "100 Jahre Mittenwaldbanh"..

      But apart from those there are no changes on the stamps.. One of my German pals use 55 and 45 cent stamps as he collects stamps as well but that's about it..
      But at least you know where the letter is from the moment you see the familiar stamp :)

      I'm so happy the stamps change in here so fast and after 3 years some stamps are unavailable - if not even sooner :)

    3. I seriously hate those postage paid labels.. I prefer the flower stamps to those..
      But seriously? You can't buy stamps separately?
      In most of the post offices in Finland one can usually choose a stamp if there's no line behind them.. Of course these set stamps (6 different stamps) are sold in given sets but the ones that with only one exact stamp 10 times over one can buy as many of those as they want.. I've been buying stamps between 1 and 20 and there has been no problem :/
      It might also depend on whether you live in a small town or big city.. :/

      To my experience the small town post offices are more helpful than the ones from big towns, not to mention these main offices in towns/cities..

      Can you buy stamps online? I tend to buy mine that way so that I have all the possibilities available :)

    4. You can buy stamps online, but also only in packages of 10 it doesn't really make a difference whether you get them online or in the post office.
      There are very few stamps that you can buy of them is the flower stamp, lol. So I guess that's one reason why you mostly get that one...
      I think the stamps change here from time to time as well, but no idea how often.
      And I live in a small for them at the post office being helpful, it depends on the person, there is one guy at the post office where I am glad each time he isn't there, lol, cause it feels he's just annoyed by the customers.
      And right now because of christmas it's pretty rare if there isn't a huge line in the post office, because everybody wants to send things (or fetch things) so you feel bad about spending like 10 or 20 minutes looking at stamps and picking the ones you like best, lol.
      I checked online and apparently we only have 4 different stamps for international mail...and one of them is the flower stamp, and the other one is the one that says Pfälzer Hütte (that's the one that was sold out in the post office)..and the other two I've never seen so far...