Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm ALIVE! :D (and MAIL!)


Oh my gosh it's been a while!
I've been doing okay, mostly battling with school and migraine attacks - currently my family AND one of my flatmates are down with this year's influenza so guess it won't be that long before I get it.. If I already don't have it.. :/

I spent last week mostly in Lapland :3 I had a 9,5 hour train ride on October 31st from Helsinki to Rovaniemi (1pm-10.30pm) during which I mostly caught up with some series (Once Upon a Time, RuPaul's Drag Race, Criminal Minds etc.). I was also shocked that after Seinäjoki there was actually snow!!
I had 3 bags with me and when I arrived to Rovaniemi where it had been snowing about 5cm that day I took a taxi and arrived to Kim's place to bother her and play with her chihuahua Choco :) As I hadn't really eaten anything we visited a grill that was right next to her apartment AND we waited until midnight when I actually glomped her and was the first one to congratulate her :)
I had warned her that I wouldn't talk to her if she wouldn't like the gifts I got her because I'd personally like to keep those all to myself:

I still need to get the Doctor Who DVDs and Beca Fitzpatrick's "Silence" for myself :3 But as Kim got the Biography of Matt Smith I got myself..

I was SO happy when I got it :3
Thursday was more or less spent shopping, me waiting Kim to get out of school (1pm-7pm), sleeping while Choco was running around and in the end meeting Valpuri - Kim's newest model and a photography friend. As I'm already SO old and Valpuri is 2 years younger than me I did mention a couple of times that Kim replaced me with a younger model - I warned Valpuri that it could happen to her as well :)

Friday was a bit easier - I was mostly over excited about the Angry Birds Activity park almost next to Kim's place AND I was going to meet I and other university students as Kim was invited to a Halloween party and took me with her.
BUT. As I'm such an introvert (from time to time I don't like people at all) and I had a fight with my own AND Kim's wardrobes I was almost ready to stay at Kim's place and play with Choco - I had spent the whole day writing Christmas cards.
Somehow Kim, Ida and Valpuri made me go and I was called J-Lo thanks to the look Kim gave me.
In the party I saw a guy blogger I follow (he's funny but as I'm from time to time extremely shy I didn't really talk to him), met a girl who was in Joutsenon Opisto at the same time I was there (she studied Japanese while I studied English) and apparently I have some sort of a magnet for Asian people. During the 5 hours we were in there I spent most of my time talking with Japanese and Vietnamese girls - I didn't go to them but they came to me. I had fun and I drank a bit during the evening.
People were drunk - some were kissing each other, some were yelling, dancing Gangnam Style, some were stripping..
All in all the evening was fun :)

On Saturday we woke up quite early as we were planning to visit Arctic circle. After an hour we decided that it would be better to just stay at her place and we'd go shopping. She promised to take the cards I wrote to Arctic circle one of these days and we spent the day online and bugging each other - like usually.
No photoshoots, some travel plans and me going crazy with Choco.
The day was great and I really miss Rovaniemi :)

On Sunday we woke up early, I had packed my bags and after 9am we walked to the train station. In the station Choco would have loved to come with me back to south but unfortunately Kim had to take him back :( So I had a 10 hour train ride home, 1 hour bus ride and as I was in Porvoo around 9pm N was picking me up. She really saved my day as I had 4 bags when I came back home and I wouldn't have survived the 5 km walk :)

Now I've been home for a while and my health is slowly but surely giving in to the influenza (thank the stress caused by deadlines and the fact that I have problems sleeping....).

I had a great big surprise waiting for me on Sunday evening AND yesterday :) LOTS of mail :3
But I think we need to start from the incoming before that :)

week 42 forward :)

Janetstore order and a postcard from E/UK :)

she remembered that I wanted a postcard of these cuties :3

I seriously LOVE Sentimental Circus

And some stickers for letters and swaps :)

Swap from Norway and a letter from France

Card from Germany and a swap from Japan

the postcard

FBs :)

teas :3 I haven't tried those yet :)

Letter from Maria/Finland

Postcards from Bree

Swap from Spain

Postcard from Japan, small swap from South Africa and a letter from Germany

Another Janetstore order

Amy & Tim paper

Surprise (belated) Birthday gift from Aliaa/Egypt :) LOVE it!!

This Sunday I had 2 magazines waiting for me

Swap from Sweden and address labels from LadyKayy

Letter from Japan

Postcards from Australia and E/UK

Yesterday I got a swap from Japan, postcards from Marie/Germany and a package from Lotte/Belgium

swap from Japan - stickers, postcards, FBs and teas

Postcards from Marie :3

And the package from Lotte - 2 letters and a postcard

2 Winnie the Pooh and Tinkerbell papers and envelopes

Hello Cupcake set

And stickers/cards :)
 Even though I've been a terrible pal and haven't written in a while I do have SOME outgoing mail as well :)
AND if I'm not too tired I might write a bit today :)

Package to USA

Letter to Germany

Package to Lotte/Belgium (her reply was shown earlier in this post)

Letter to UK

LOVE the stamp :3

SWAPS to Sweden, Spain and Norway

Swap to Japan
That's all for now.. I'm heading back to bed :)



  1. whoow that is a lot of mail :D
    I hope you had a great time in Lapland ;)

    1. Yeah, but those are from the... 3 last weeks.. I think :D And now I won't receive anything until I start writing again and take a day or two off from school work :3
      I LOVE Lapland so the time off in there was a blast! :D

  2. Idasta voi puhua ihan Idana, eikä I:nä :D
    Siltä löytyy omakin blogi ja käyttää ihan omaa nimeään :) <-- linkki, jos kiinnostaa ;)

    1. Korjattu.. Ainaki mun mielest :D Katotaa nyt viel.. :DD

  3. YAY! You're alive! XD
    I haven't watch the anime of Winter Sonata but I watched the dorama when it was broadcast in Mexico :D

    1. YAY! :D At times I still need to pinch myself to check whether I'm actually alive and not a zombie :DD
      Haven't seen the dorama OR anime of Winter Sonata but I've heard that the story is beautiful :3