Thursday, November 8, 2012


I actually managed to drag myself to school even though my alarm clock was set for FRIDAY morning - I woke up at 8am and school started at 10. I had some sort of a tantrum this morning and called Kim.. I was whining and going on and on how I'd rather just stay at home writing letters but I HAD to go..


Thank god my parents are nowhere near and won't be able to see me like this..
Had languages today just to hear that I DON'T HAVE SCHOOL NEXT THURSDAY!!

Time to write letters and sleep :DD
And probably even some school work.. Currently I have 14 deadlines for November (but those includes 2 exams..)

I'm currently planning on spending at least Sunday working on assignments, maybe Saturday evening if I manage to work on a letter or two OR feel too stressed..

I met a teacher today for a development discussion and it actually helped. Last year it was mostly "how are you feeling, what do you think? Talk to you later sweetheart" while this year (we have a male teacher this time) we sat down, the teacher told me that there would be 2 parts - 1) the problems/worries I'm currently facing and what can be done to those 2) Future plans. Before today I only worried over the deadlines until December. During the chat I FINALLY realized that the deadlines aren't as important as work placement and the thesis.
And after just a 30 minutes long discussion (well, mostly the teacher was explaining things to me and I was nodding and kept saying "yeah")  I felt a lot better even though I'm quite sure my teacher thinks I'm an airhead :D

"To change something, you must first change yourself" - something the teacher said to me
1 more deadline to the growing list of things to do before Christmas vacation starts in ~5 weeks but the next one is next week so after I finish reading a chapter for tomorrow's class I can continue writing letters :D
Thanks to my teacher I feel more confident and I actually believe I can survive through the upcoming school year(s) and still have SOME social life (mostly via letters) :)

Managed to write 3 letters yesterday and it felt AMAZING! Homework was done and I actually had some time to myself :D

Off to eat my sushi meal (swore to myself I'd start making salads for myself but maybe I'll start next week ;)), read and maybe watch an episode or two of RuPaul's Drag Race before I start working on letters :)


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