Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 41......

To my surprise the week went by quite fast and it wasn't as painful as I imagined it to be.. Excluding Monday morning.. School kept me as busy as I imagined but to my surprise I managed to get to bed on Monday around 10pm (after finishing translating some Russian phrases, participating in an online exam and writing down some things for Tuesdays exam that I never learned in the end.. But as always I had drank a couple of cups too much (tea) and 10 minutes after I went to bed my eyes were wide open and I wasn't tired at all. I opened the window for a while and listened some girls having some sort of a gathering in their balcony while my flatmate was skyping with her friend - it sounded as if she was screaming something in Vietnamese.. Too bad I haven't learned Vietnamese at all..
One of the exams was shifted from Wednesday to Tuesday so I had 2 exams on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday..

Mail-wise the week was okay.. As I was fighting with the assignments (all finished by Tuesday 2pm - the last deadline would have been on Thursday 11.55pm.) and studying for the exams I wasn't able to write almost anything but I received something thanks to joining some weeks ago and sending loads of postcards and swaps the next day after registering..

On Monday I received one swap reply from Serbia (YAY! NEW STAMPS!) and a postcard from USA

On Tuesday I chose to sleep so I went straight to the exam which started at noon. I was getting ready to leave when I heard the mailman drop by - I received a postcard from my Japanese postcard pal and the first part of Kim's birthday..

I love Japanese stamps! :)

As she had paid ~40€ for my present I decided to be fair this time and I bought her a present which includes 4 parts and 2 themes - all from and with approximately 35€. But as I'll be paying 60€ (and skipping school) to be able to visit her on her birthday I think it's okay that the present didn't cost 40€ :)

I spent the Tuesday night TRYING to study for the Russian exams (oral + written) but in the end I spent the evening mostly chatting with pals in facebook.. BUT! I did get some help! My Ukrainian pal told me what's the difference  between letters ч, ж and ц. (I'm starting my 4th Russian course in 2 weeks.) The first two had always been the same to me (I pronounced those "ch") and the last one had always been a mystery.. Sometimes it was "s" at times I just skipped over it as some books said it's something like "tzsts" or that's what it looked like to me.. Now I know what it means and I passed the oral exam with 3/5! I would have been happy with 1 and as it was my first oral exam EVER I was incredibly happy! The written exam on the other hand.. Well.. There's always the possibility to retake it :D I was just SO happy that the exams and deadlines were over and done with! I could start writing again :3

After the exams I stayed at school for one hour going through various things before deciding to go home - I had a head ache and I was dead tired.. When I arrived home D was just leaving and she congratulated me for finishing my exams.
"Congratulations! I read from facebook that you're done with the exams!"

She also pointed out that I had received letters - from Guam/USA and Finland

I LOVE the stamps from USA!
After reading the letters I started working on a letter to Finland. It's been a while since I last wrote a letter that has been longer than 3 A5s (both sides) so the 6 pages long letters killed my wrist :)

Birthday package (letter included) to UK, letter to Finland

The stamps - soon I'm out of those "1€, 1,4€ etc." stamps :(

stamp on the letter to Finland :)

Another birthday package with a letter to Germany

After 3 letters it was quite late, around 11pm and I chose to stop for the day, even though I could have continued as I only started at noon on Thursday

On Thursday morning I woke up around 8am when one of my flatmates left. I spent some time online and in the end decided to TRY and work on some letters and postcards - managed to write one postcard before leaving.......

to Japan

After school day was over (3.30pm) I cycled home and went to bed. I was dead tired for no reason!
In the evening I had to get up as my brother came over on Friday. My room was a mess and I tried to clean up during Thursday - in the end I finished cleaning on Friday evening :)

On Thursday I managed to write a couple of postcards and finished 2 swaps - sent everything on Friday morning before I went to the store to do some grocery shopping :)

the stamps

I spent the Friday evening with my brother and on Saturday I decided to go to my parents' place - I have nearly a week off as I only have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
I will try to work on letters during the week - if it doesn't work then I have 2 days in a couple of weeks when I'll be sitting in a train for nearly the whole day. Lots of time to read and write! :)


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