Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Thank gosh we have a day off tomorrow due to the language day at our campus. I'd only have classes from 8.15am to 1.30pm but still. I'll be able to sleep and study and I'll meet up with N during the afternoon and we'll be going to the autumn fair that'll be held in Porvoo October 4th-5th! Yay!
Unfortunately before that I have to finish a law assignment (due tomorrow 4pm), try to meet up with my assigned Russian partner for our oral exam as well as do various other assignments..
I was hoping that I'd be able to write at least a couple of letters during this weekend but I might have to wait until week 42 when I'm having an intensive week (normally a "week off" during which we can stay at home and concentrate on our projects and assignments - I have 3 assignments due right after the intensive week and during the week I have 2 compulsory classes - Tue and Wed 10am-3.30pm.....)..

I've received some really nice mail lately - yesterday I received my YesStyle order and I already have a new favorite shirt ;) as well as a package from a pal who's literally worshiping Furuba :)
Too bad I've only been sending some swaps and a couple of letters lately (only wrote 2 short letters last week..) so my mail slot has been quiet but let's hope it'll change soon!

Yesterday I spent the whole evening online even though I should've been working on various assignment. I'm the master of procrastination and during yesterday I was able to find a birthday gift for my best friend (lot's of nice things~) and started to look for Christmas gifts for my family and closest friends :)

In the evening I went to the kitchen and realized that one of my flatmates had opened the freezer and didn't close it. EVERYTHING had already melted by the time I realized it and our kitchen floor was flooding. Luckily I had nothing in the freezer but both of my flatmates had most of their food in the freezer so they had to throw nearly everything away.. Such a waste of food.. But on the other hand if they have to stuff it so full that the door won't even close it's just their own fault..

 Let's hope today I'll be able to do what I'm supposed to and I won't spend the evening browsing or!
If I manage to avoid dreaming of owning various David Tennant/Doctor Who posters and David Tennant cardboard cut outs I'll do a mail post during Thursday :)



  1. I had the complete opposite experience with the freezer when I was at university. During the holidays, one of my flatmates had turned down the temperature setting to reaaaally low and the entire freezer was filled with blocks of ice o.O There was so much ice that the door would not even close! Luckily she got it fixed and not all of us had to pay the fine xD

    1. Well my flatmates have both freezer and fridge on the lowest temperature possible and tend to leave both open for no reason..
      So we have fridge and freezer full of ice, even some of my sausages had frozen up in our fridge!! I seriously can't understand what's up with that.. And we've had the same problem with the freezer full of ice TWICE now.. And I haven't lived here for a year! (I moved in during November, other moved during February and the third in September..)
      I've tried to talk with them but it still happens.. :/