Friday, October 5, 2012

Pictures and mail from weeks 39 and 40

I spent Thursday sleeping, visited the autumn fair with my childhood friend and spent the evening online..
Currently I'm packing things for the weekend even though the whole weekend will be spent with school assignments and studying for the exams - 4 exams and 2 assignments for next week (plus loads of homework..)

But let's get to the pictures~

Week 39

Miki letter set I've lately been using

Mail on Monday September 24th
Mail from the post office, letter from Finland and a postcard from Lithuania

The postcard from Lithuania

Stamps from a swap I sent to Poland
On Tuesday I received a swap from Norway but I didn't take a picture of it.. Let's just say I was really excited over the fact that I received Diddl sheets, postcards from Norway and cute stickers :)

Wednesday's mail - Swap from Japan, letter from Belgium and a postcard from London (German pal)

New stamps spotted :)

I seriously love the stamps they use in UK nowadays!

stamps from the swap from Japan

stamps from the swap from Japan

stamps from the swap from Japan

stamps from the swap from Japan

Bag where the stamps were put in :)

Other things were in a bag like this~

2 postcards :)

Stickers!! LOVE the mushroom ;)

FBs - most are already sent forward


Sent during Wednesday - postcard swaps

The only thing I received on Thursday :)

Swap to Norway

Postcards included in the swap

Letter sheets for the swap :)

Stamp on a letter to Finland

Week 40

Letter, 2 swaps and a postcard sent on Monday

Postcards received on Monday

from USA

from South Korea

Tuesday's mail - YESSTYLE ORDER!!! and an amazing package from USA

Pictures of the clothes are probably coming up later~

I LOVE the package :3 Kyo-kun x3

Just finished Furuba and as we both love the series she decided to decorate the boring package with Kyo pictures and things that have something to do with him.. (I'm a HUGE Kyo fan :))

What I found inside the package :3

Mail from Wednesday
Package from Netherlands (
Letter from South Korea
Postcard swap from Belgium

What the package included :)

PICKWICK TEA!!! If someone of you can buy these from the stores near you I want to swap!!! I LOVE Pickwick teas but those aren't sold in Finland.. ;;__;;

One of the postcards :3 I LOVE cherry blossoms!!

Package from Thursday :3

3rd Alice in the Country of Clover manga :3 3rd will be published Dec 12th...

Zombie-Loan #2

MONDO - Finnish travel magazine

Travel Guide of Thailand

Postcard from a facebook P&L postcard swap

Swap I sent on Friday morning :3
And on Friday - Swap from Poland

Some Polish sweets (haven't tried those yet)

Beautiful HQ FBs

Stamps and tea

Adorable stickers!

Letter set!

I guess I need to save this one for the spring :)

Everything else from last 2 weeks~

Received one from a swap during the summer ;;__;;

Again received from a swap - and I want more as it's not sold in Finland .__.

LOVE everything chai!! Anyone know where these can be bought?

grapes from my parents' garden

Yes, some grapes do survive in Finland :)

Vanilla tea. Let's just say that every tea I talk about in here I love and want more.....

I LOVE Twinings teas!!

My baby :3

Something I took from my dad's library once again :)

My bed, bookshelves and mirror :)

FMA/HAGAREN poster, postcards I've had time to put up and the ugly yellow walls :)

Taken around 12am - almost everyone is still awake around midnight - those are all student apartments :)

Sweets from Thursday :)

Dried fruits - Kiwis, pears, strawberries and ginger :)

Cherry and Eucalyptus honey :3

Raspberry honey and honey that has been collected from bees living in a swamp area.. Or so I was told!



  1. I love Pickwick teas too but they're not sold in France either! D: We do have Twinnings teas here however and it's my favourite brand to buy :)

    1. We have some Twinings teas in Finland as well but mostly the basic ones such as "English Breakfast" and "Earl Grey".. There are Coconut and Indian Spices as well but none of those that I've received in various tea swaps and loved :(
      Apparently Finns drink too much coffee and the tea selection (apart from Nordqvist teas) are really limited :(

  2. Tutun näkönen leijona istuu tuolla hyllyllä, haa!:3

    1. Joo<3 Oon kantanu sitä mukana aina muuttoje yhteydes :)