Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Alive!

The last 2 weeks have been terrible (and the next 2 weeks will be filled with exams and deadlines) but I'm trying to get back to blogging. I've received and sent some mail and I got a call that I'm FINALLY getting my yesstyle order I made in the end of August (the mail man will bring it to my school tomorrow around noon as I won't be home before 5pm during this week :))
This morning was a terrible haze for me but after our small presentations (I made it for our group around 1am on Saturday-Sunday night and as nice as some of the Russian girls are (2/4) they almost made me keep the presentation by myself. And I'm the youngest one while the oldest one from our group is turning 33. YES. 33. F them.
Luckily the only Russian student I often talk to sat beside me and we changed a couple of words before the guest lecturer and after the lecture we had 3 hours of nothing before another important class. I was packing my bag when D got up and laughed a bit

"Hey Sleeping Beauty! Wanna go and grab something to eat?"

I had been complaining to him how it's almost impossible for me to sleep lately and I hadn't slept properly the last night. After a terrible morning and tiring lecture I thought "Why not" and I went to the cafeteria to eat for the third time this year..
After lunch D wanted to go for a smoke and I decided to accompany him and called my mum about the upcoming Berlin trip in March 4th-8th 2013. We finally got the info about it and heard how much we need to pay for it - 350€. After a bill like that just this month I was seriously thinking about not going and wanted to talk to someone about it. I went through the itinerary of the trip(Mon-Tue are for shopping and sightseeing while Wed-Fri are spent in ITB Berlin) and price.. After I told her that I'm not sure whether I'm going or not she stopped me.

"Of course you're going!"

and she continued

"Have you heard that the train tickets from Helsinki to Rovaniemi currently cost about 20€?"

I nearly panicked! I had cancelled and postponed the trip due to some financial problems but now that the tickets are 30€ one way I'm reviving the plan and I'll be going to Rovaniemi SOON to spend a couple of days at Kim's place (and bug her every single second.) The ticket Helsinki-Rovaniemi is already bought and I'll be getting the return ticket soon.. Probably.. ;)

And the last thing that REALLY saved my day..
Once Upon A Time season 2 started.
Last week was a pain as I was also waiting for OUAT to start after ending the first season with a frigging cliffhanger! But thank god my flatmate let me watch her How I Met Your Mother (1st season) DVD and it made the week a bit more bearable - a new series I love.

Can't wait until next week for the second episode and until tomorrow for the clothes :)

Take care everyone and have a great week!

ps. Mail post is coming later this week :)

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