Wednesday, October 24, 2012

After the week I spent mostly at my parents' place I'm still behind with my letters.. One of the biggest reasons might be the fact that I was more or less sick during the week and slept most of the days.
I did write and send some mail as well as receive some but that post will come a bit later.

After last week I've been quite down and felt powerless to do anything. I received a lovely letter from my (currently) "oldest" (been writing with her for the longest time) pal but couldn't find the power to start writing letters - usually her letters do cheer me up no matter what and I finish 2-3 letters during the day I receive one from her.. But not this time.. I just mostly lay in bed and do nothing (usually includes something to eat and 10+ episodes of Criminal Minds)

While I was writing a normal length letter last week I realized that Australia did leave its mark in me even though it's been nearly 13 years since I came back to Finland.. I still don't know some of the names of the Australian animals or birds. I could google these in Finnish but I don't want to.
Some examples: echidna (learned to spell that during the first weeks), Tasmanian devil (I heard that the official name is not "Tasmaanian tuholainen" - so what is it?), Kookaburra and Rainbow lorikeet.

When I lived near Brisbane at my great uncle's place I saw Australian birds daily! They had this awesome balcony where they fed the various birds (the white cockatoo being the worst visitor as those like to destroy everything - even though they look oh so pretty). The most frequent visitors were rainbow lorikeets and I was fortunate enough to even feed the wild birds. I had some food on my hand and offered it to the birds and at best I had 3-5 birds on my hand eating and trying to bite my hand (it only tickled). The special visits from Kookaburras were once every second week and I loved it when my great uncle showed me what kind of sausages even the birds won't eat!!
During the days the balcony was filled with birds but during the nights we got opossums and fruit bats! And we had geckos walking on the windows. It was amazing and there was always some life no matter the time! To be able to live so close to wild animals in Australia was an experience like no other!

And just look at how pretty the Rainbow lorikeets are!
As I'm a bit sick currently (spending the whole day at bed) I'll continue with the frigging school work and try to write a letter or two..


Monday, October 15, 2012

Week 41......

To my surprise the week went by quite fast and it wasn't as painful as I imagined it to be.. Excluding Monday morning.. School kept me as busy as I imagined but to my surprise I managed to get to bed on Monday around 10pm (after finishing translating some Russian phrases, participating in an online exam and writing down some things for Tuesdays exam that I never learned in the end.. But as always I had drank a couple of cups too much (tea) and 10 minutes after I went to bed my eyes were wide open and I wasn't tired at all. I opened the window for a while and listened some girls having some sort of a gathering in their balcony while my flatmate was skyping with her friend - it sounded as if she was screaming something in Vietnamese.. Too bad I haven't learned Vietnamese at all..
One of the exams was shifted from Wednesday to Tuesday so I had 2 exams on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday..

Mail-wise the week was okay.. As I was fighting with the assignments (all finished by Tuesday 2pm - the last deadline would have been on Thursday 11.55pm.) and studying for the exams I wasn't able to write almost anything but I received something thanks to joining some weeks ago and sending loads of postcards and swaps the next day after registering..

On Monday I received one swap reply from Serbia (YAY! NEW STAMPS!) and a postcard from USA

On Tuesday I chose to sleep so I went straight to the exam which started at noon. I was getting ready to leave when I heard the mailman drop by - I received a postcard from my Japanese postcard pal and the first part of Kim's birthday..

I love Japanese stamps! :)

As she had paid ~40€ for my present I decided to be fair this time and I bought her a present which includes 4 parts and 2 themes - all from and with approximately 35€. But as I'll be paying 60€ (and skipping school) to be able to visit her on her birthday I think it's okay that the present didn't cost 40€ :)

I spent the Tuesday night TRYING to study for the Russian exams (oral + written) but in the end I spent the evening mostly chatting with pals in facebook.. BUT! I did get some help! My Ukrainian pal told me what's the difference  between letters ч, ж and ц. (I'm starting my 4th Russian course in 2 weeks.) The first two had always been the same to me (I pronounced those "ch") and the last one had always been a mystery.. Sometimes it was "s" at times I just skipped over it as some books said it's something like "tzsts" or that's what it looked like to me.. Now I know what it means and I passed the oral exam with 3/5! I would have been happy with 1 and as it was my first oral exam EVER I was incredibly happy! The written exam on the other hand.. Well.. There's always the possibility to retake it :D I was just SO happy that the exams and deadlines were over and done with! I could start writing again :3

After the exams I stayed at school for one hour going through various things before deciding to go home - I had a head ache and I was dead tired.. When I arrived home D was just leaving and she congratulated me for finishing my exams.
"Congratulations! I read from facebook that you're done with the exams!"

She also pointed out that I had received letters - from Guam/USA and Finland

I LOVE the stamps from USA!
After reading the letters I started working on a letter to Finland. It's been a while since I last wrote a letter that has been longer than 3 A5s (both sides) so the 6 pages long letters killed my wrist :)

Birthday package (letter included) to UK, letter to Finland

The stamps - soon I'm out of those "1€, 1,4€ etc." stamps :(

stamp on the letter to Finland :)

Another birthday package with a letter to Germany

After 3 letters it was quite late, around 11pm and I chose to stop for the day, even though I could have continued as I only started at noon on Thursday

On Thursday morning I woke up around 8am when one of my flatmates left. I spent some time online and in the end decided to TRY and work on some letters and postcards - managed to write one postcard before leaving.......

to Japan

After school day was over (3.30pm) I cycled home and went to bed. I was dead tired for no reason!
In the evening I had to get up as my brother came over on Friday. My room was a mess and I tried to clean up during Thursday - in the end I finished cleaning on Friday evening :)

On Thursday I managed to write a couple of postcards and finished 2 swaps - sent everything on Friday morning before I went to the store to do some grocery shopping :)

the stamps

I spent the Friday evening with my brother and on Saturday I decided to go to my parents' place - I have nearly a week off as I only have classes on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
I will try to work on letters during the week - if it doesn't work then I have 2 days in a couple of weeks when I'll be sitting in a train for nearly the whole day. Lots of time to read and write! :)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sunday, October 7, 2012

3 days, company visit, 2 visiting lecturers, and 4 exams.

Don't know when I'll be able to sleep..

I'm currently supposed to be studying or working on 2-3 assignments (Finnish and Russian) but when I open the word I just stare at the screen not knowing how to start..
Tomorrow's schedule doesn't help either..
8.30am we leave to Helsinki and we're supposed to be back around 1pm (I don't think that's gonna happen, more like 2pm) and from 2pm to 4pm we have a visiting lecturer from New Zealand. The lecturer part is okay but I don't feel like waking up around 6am..
And after the lecturer I'll meet my Russian partner.. I need to get something done by then..
SO I bet I'll be home around 7pm and I need to study for the exam that's hold on Tuesday..
So on Tuesday I have first one class from 10am to noon and from noon to around 1pm I have the exam - hopefully it won't take longer than that.. I don't feel like staying at the class for longer than that.. And after that I have Russian from 3.30pm to 5pm - my mom will probably visit me and I need to get ready for the 3 exams I have on Wednesday......
First two exams are in a row - 8.45am - noon and the third one will be from 2pm forward..
IF I get the Finnish assignment done today (and we won't be given the Russian portfolio deadline for Thursday or Friday) I'm done for this week on Wednesday..

But then I might get a visitor and I might be going somewhere with my family.. But we'll see..
I'll probably be quiet for the next week or two depending on how busy I'll be during week 42..

Take care and have a great week!



I'm not sure whether I'll go to Desucon Frostbite in February or not..
Sure, I have the ticket and a possibly a place where I could stay over for a night or two but the biggest problem is whether my brother's coming along or not........ If he is I don't know what I'm supposed to do - stay in a hotel so that we can be in the same place or just do as I was planning during Tracon.....

I have no idea what I'm gonna do and when - I don't even know if I'll be cosplaying in the future or not.. Sure, I've been talking about some characters but it's a totally different thing whether I'll cosplay them or not..

While I'm battling with myself here are 2 photos from Tracon 7.

© Emilia Lahtinen

© Emilia Lahtinen

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pictures and mail from weeks 39 and 40

I spent Thursday sleeping, visited the autumn fair with my childhood friend and spent the evening online..
Currently I'm packing things for the weekend even though the whole weekend will be spent with school assignments and studying for the exams - 4 exams and 2 assignments for next week (plus loads of homework..)

But let's get to the pictures~

Week 39

Miki letter set I've lately been using

Mail on Monday September 24th
Mail from the post office, letter from Finland and a postcard from Lithuania

The postcard from Lithuania

Stamps from a swap I sent to Poland
On Tuesday I received a swap from Norway but I didn't take a picture of it.. Let's just say I was really excited over the fact that I received Diddl sheets, postcards from Norway and cute stickers :)

Wednesday's mail - Swap from Japan, letter from Belgium and a postcard from London (German pal)

New stamps spotted :)

I seriously love the stamps they use in UK nowadays!

stamps from the swap from Japan

stamps from the swap from Japan

stamps from the swap from Japan

stamps from the swap from Japan

Bag where the stamps were put in :)

Other things were in a bag like this~

2 postcards :)

Stickers!! LOVE the mushroom ;)

FBs - most are already sent forward


Sent during Wednesday - postcard swaps

The only thing I received on Thursday :)

Swap to Norway

Postcards included in the swap

Letter sheets for the swap :)

Stamp on a letter to Finland

Week 40

Letter, 2 swaps and a postcard sent on Monday

Postcards received on Monday

from USA

from South Korea

Tuesday's mail - YESSTYLE ORDER!!! and an amazing package from USA

Pictures of the clothes are probably coming up later~

I LOVE the package :3 Kyo-kun x3

Just finished Furuba and as we both love the series she decided to decorate the boring package with Kyo pictures and things that have something to do with him.. (I'm a HUGE Kyo fan :))

What I found inside the package :3

Mail from Wednesday
Package from Netherlands (
Letter from South Korea
Postcard swap from Belgium

What the package included :)

PICKWICK TEA!!! If someone of you can buy these from the stores near you I want to swap!!! I LOVE Pickwick teas but those aren't sold in Finland.. ;;__;;

One of the postcards :3 I LOVE cherry blossoms!!

Package from Thursday :3

3rd Alice in the Country of Clover manga :3 3rd will be published Dec 12th...

Zombie-Loan #2

MONDO - Finnish travel magazine

Travel Guide of Thailand

Postcard from a facebook P&L postcard swap

Swap I sent on Friday morning :3
And on Friday - Swap from Poland

Some Polish sweets (haven't tried those yet)

Beautiful HQ FBs

Stamps and tea

Adorable stickers!

Letter set!

I guess I need to save this one for the spring :)

Everything else from last 2 weeks~

Received one from a swap during the summer ;;__;;

Again received from a swap - and I want more as it's not sold in Finland .__.

LOVE everything chai!! Anyone know where these can be bought?

grapes from my parents' garden

Yes, some grapes do survive in Finland :)

Vanilla tea. Let's just say that every tea I talk about in here I love and want more.....

I LOVE Twinings teas!!

My baby :3

Something I took from my dad's library once again :)

My bed, bookshelves and mirror :)

FMA/HAGAREN poster, postcards I've had time to put up and the ugly yellow walls :)

Taken around 12am - almost everyone is still awake around midnight - those are all student apartments :)

Sweets from Thursday :)

Dried fruits - Kiwis, pears, strawberries and ginger :)

Cherry and Eucalyptus honey :3

Raspberry honey and honey that has been collected from bees living in a swamp area.. Or so I was told!