Sunday, September 2, 2012


Went a bit crazy last Tuesday and as I received an email from YESSTYLE I went to the pages and started shopping.. ^^'

First of all:
59Seconds' Double Breasted Hooded Fleece Jacket

59Seconds' "59" Print Fleece-Hood Pullover

59Seconds' Set: Cable-Knit Striped Sweater Dress + Circle Scarf

59 Seconds' Heart Print Cardigan

SELINA's Rhinestone Glasses

As well as Dodostyle's Contrast-Trim Hooded Pullover Dress (pink)

I LOVE everything from YESSTYLE but unfortunately my bank account doesn't agree with me as these cost over 130€.. Luckily I got a free postage as I ordered with more than $70 :3 Maybe I'll do another order before Christmas~
Too bad I don't know whether those are too small for me before I get those in a week or two ;;__;; I LOVE the jacket and really hope it won't be too small or short for me ;;__;;



  1. aww, I love that stripped sweater/dress!!! beautiful! <3

    1. I know<3 I have 2 sweaters like that already and just HAD to buy a third one<3 >3<

  2. OII miten herkullisen näköisiä asioita ;O; kuolaan. Uskaltaiskohan eksyä noille sivuille vai iskeekö vararikko.. XDD

    1. Itellä meinaa aina iskee vararikko :D Jouduin noitaki ostaessa poistaa monta vaatekappaletta ostoskorista vaikka kaikista ois halunnu pitää kiinni kynsin ja hampain :D