Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week 38

To my surprise I DID receive something this week! And Friday's mail really made my day!

A letter from a postcard pal who'd rather write letters

I sent 2 swaps (FBs, stickers, airmail "stickers", postcards and letter sheets)

Stamps from up close :)
Letters from Malaysia, Germany and South Korea (STAMPS!!STAMPS FROM SOUTH KOREA!!!)

Newest ANIME mag :)


New letter from Germany
"found your address from a FB"


2 letters (Austria and Germany) and postcards from Netherlands (2 replied immediately after they got my mail I sent this Monday :O)

Postcard pal went to Bali but didn't have the time to send mail from there :)

Promised postcards from Bali :)

And then to Yoshi's package. I swear she was the one who made me cry as her small package was amazing, it came exactly when I needed something to cheer me up..

Exactly like me!

Le Letter

Some letter sheets and envelopes

As well as stickers.

Lets hope that I will be able to write during the weekend!



  1. Awwwww so cute everything! asdfgasdg!! *ω*

  2. I saw your blog and all the letters, postcards and stamps looks lovely! ^^ <3

  3. Looks like happy mail has been coming your way. I'm going to be posting mail art/happy mail I received this summer all week. I just love getting something inside my mailbox besides bills! :)