Saturday, September 1, 2012

Week 35

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Now all 3 rooms are in use and I have absolutely amazing flat mates! I talked with D about a slight problem I have and she understood everything - "Don't worry about it, we'll make sure that nothing bad happens!" S on the other hand is amazingly friendly and sweet. I'm happy I'm not living with Finns! :)

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A couple of days ago I had a panic attack during the evening and tried to call Kim who was on the phone for hours. After a couple of tries I called X and felt a bit better after talking with her and hearing her cheerful voice. Thank you.
After 11.30pm I fell asleep and during the time I was asleep Kim had called me 19 times and sent 13 messages - I had left her a message in her voice mail and I had been crying so she got worried.. :/

Now I'm spending the weekend with my brother at my place, trying to write letters and me and N will probably be dyeing my hair :)

And Kim sent me a couple of pictures from the latest shoot - we took some "bunny" pictures :)

During last week I received one letter and a couple of packages :3*
Sorry for the crappy pictures :(

Unfortunately it's the 6th book in the series :(

Letter from K/Japan

New stamps :3

My favourite package this week!


The last one was unread :3

And all of these with only 74€ :3

Friday's mail - postcard from Canada and..

Jack the Ripper: Hell Blade #1 manga :3


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