Monday, September 10, 2012

Tracon 7

The last convention of the year (for me) is over now and I have mixed feelings. The convention and meeting friends was super but the fact that I lost even more weight than during the week before the convention (diets before cosplaying!) and the mixed up sleeping pattern isn't that great..
At the moment I'm still half asleep - I slept for 11 hours (9pm-8am) and I feel terrible - I said that no matter what I'd be sick today and as I was outside on Saturday when it was pouring (guess who didn't have her brolly with her) and I got soaking wet and here I am, down with the fever just as usually after conventions that aren't held during the summer..

I left to Tampere around 3pm on Friday - my parents drove me to Helsinki and I was in the Railway Station around 4pm. I went to the bubble tea shop, took a coconut one for myself and waited for 1,5 hours for the train to leave. The train was okay until we arrived to Riihimäki, it was a regional train and when we left from Helsinki there were at least 10 cars but in Riihimäki it was reduced to 2. I was running from the back to the front and the moment I stepped to the first car I realized that I had left my second bag to the other car....... So I ran like crazy and to my surprise I DID manage to get my bag and made it to the train that continued its way from Riihimäki to Tampere.
I arrived to Tampere around 7.20pm, put the gps on and walked to our hotel - not realizing how far away from the railway station and convention area it was... But I made it in there, unpacked my bags and waited until 8.30pm before I walked back to the railway station to pick up Joonas and Siiri. I had (of course) left my phone at the hotel and stood alone in the railway station wondering whether I'd recognize them (I had only seen them wearing their cosplay costumes and vice versa), after standing there for approximately 10 minutes I recognized Joonas and went to them - they wouldn't have recognized me with my real hair. We went to a small shop to get something to eat and off we went to the hotel - nearly 1km from the Railway station with big and heavy luggage :D
We spent the evening talking and laughing - went to bed around 1am just to wake up a bit after 7am.

On Saturday morning me and Joonas woke up when Siiri went to take a shower and after that we started to get ready - Joonas was cosplaying as Death the Kid from Soul Eater, I was cosplaying as Liz (once again) and Siiri was Seth from Trinity Blood. Even though Siiri's costume was the biggest and hardest to put on she was the first one ready. I was nearly crying over the fact that it was cold outside (around +10°C) and I wouldn't be wearing a proper shirt.. YAY!
We left to the convention area after 9am as I had my friend's ticket and me and Joonas needed to meet up with Ninnu asap as I was using her shoes and Joonas needed to get the skull from her. In the end I even bought a ticket for Ninnu's sister as we were there early and Rige hadn't bought the ticket in advance :)
We met up with Ninnu after 10am and before that I had even met up and talked with Punpun! :D It was so nice to be able to talk with an old classmate after a while :)
After a walk around the area, looking for the mangas I wanted to get ("Sorry, those aren't popular so we didn't take any of those") and meeting up people we went to take some photos. (I broke Liz's bracelets during the first 2 hours so that's why those are missing :()

It was mostly just goofing off.. REALLY.. :)

Siiri :3

Hopefully my last time as Liz :)

Siiri tried to make us laugh all the time - I was laughing most of the time

We had "Patty" with us! :D

It was fun but then....... I saw TARDIS.

Lots of DW cosplayers as well and I felt bad for not taking my Rose cosplay with me :(

I was leaving the area around 4pm but thanks to the rain (and the fact that I took a couple of photos of Kingdom Hearts group where my friend was cosplaying as Riku) I was able to leave around 5pm and didn't went to watch the cosplay competition and who were the ones to represent Finland in WCS 2013.
During my walk back to our hotel people were yelling after me (even though I had a jacket on and the only not normal thing was the hat I was wearing. When I got to our hotel I took the lift for the 4th floor and panicked the moment I saw 5 men in their 30s hanging around the aisle. I nearly ran to our room, opened the door as fast as I could and locked it. Not even 5 seconds passed and one of those men was banging on the door and yelling "You should at least shake that ass of yours!!"
I was shit scared and I actually loathe most of the men in Finland since they're like this..

I changed my clothes and went back to the convention area around 2 hours after I left as I needed to take Siiri's sneakers to her (the shoes she was wearing as Seth were killing her..). I ended up spending a bit more time with my other friend while Joonas and Siiri went to the hotel and promised to call/text me where we should meet up and take away some food - we ended up going to McDonald's and went to bed around 1am once again....

Sunday was a bit easier as I was wearing normal clothes and my favorite wig. We were in the convention area around 10am and went around it once again, Siiri was asked to participate in "nettikilpailu" (cosplay competition where votes will be collected online) and after that we went to take photos, once again :)

BAD WOLF was present all around the convention :)

The photographer

See how thrilled the little Whovian was?

And my nails :3

Sunday passed way too fast and as Saturday's weather was brought by Desucon, Sunday's weather was brought by Tracon and it was amazing. I already got myself a ticket for Desucon Frostbite, held in February and I can't wait to meet up with people! I need to start thinking 'bout what I want to cosplay (or crossplay) :)

In the end the weekend was filled with various new "songs" I heard all thanks to Siiri and Joonas, Gangnam style was played in the convention are countless times and people were dancing and everyone seemed to have a great time.
Too bad I won't be getting the SE group photos I took in a while and I might take a day or two to publish those :)


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