Monday, September 17, 2012


YES! I was actually productive this weekend! With school assignments? Nah, with letters and postcards! :D I'm all caught up with my postcard pals (and I sent a couple of extra cards as well) and since Thursday I've written at least 2 letters a day! I'm SO proud of myself! I'm going to catch up with the mail before 2013 for sure! If I won't manage to do that before December then I'll try to finish off each and every one of my letters during the month long Christmas holidays! :3 Dec 14th-Jan 14th! I can't wait!

But to the letters~

On Friday I worked with 3 letters (but only managed to finish 2).

Love those stamps :3
On Saturday I was a bit more productive even though I had a headache and took a nap 2pm-3pm :) I was able to catch up with the postcards and wrote 3 letters :3

1st letter - still in love with the new stamps :3

2nd letter - 2nd bunny stamp :D

stamp for the 1st postcard

2nd postcard

3rd postcard (LOVE the kitty! :3)

4th postcard

5th postcard - still in love with the kitty stamps :3

and the last postcard envelope with a puppy stamp :)

And after this stamp the first sheet of the pet stamps is used up :)

the last letter of the day :)
And on Sunday I started working with the letters right after I woke up but as I had to travel back to Porvoo I was distracted and had to check internet when I got home and of course I finished the second season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Can't wait for the All Stars to start :3
But in the end I did manage to write 2 letters. I started a 3rd one but as I have "How I Met Your Mother" 1st season DVD from D I decided to start watching it before she keeps on asking what's taking me so long :D

Letter to someone in Finland :)
to Europe~
I've been productive but I bet I won't be able to write at all today or tomorrow due to my Russian exam and two assignments  AND I will be at school until 4pm D:
Maybe next weekend I'll be productive again.. I came to the conclusion that I better go to my parents' place for the weekend if I want to be productive. I didn't use internet almost at all during the weekend and I was happy about it :)



  1. My gosh! *v* What a beautiful envelopes! and I loved the last stamp a lot! *explodes*

    1. I love the envelopes you get when buying a cute letter set<3 :3
      Too bad the last stamp is a part of "fashion" set that was issued in 2009 so after this year one might not get those anymore :(

  2. Finnish stamps are one of my favorites! :) When I visited Helsinki more than a decade ago (I now feel like I'm old), I bought some Moomin stamps even though I can't use them in Japan. I just love them! :D

    1. The Moomin stamps ARE amazing and I really wish the post office would issue new Moomin stamps every or every second year! After 2000 we have been issued 3 1st class Moomin stamp sheets and one 2nd class Moomin stamps (this is the newest one, issued in early 2011)

  3. I read your last post and yeah, I completely understand. I just took a tiny break for myself and now it seems to be getting better. Don't stress too much over the exams and such and try to take some time for yourself <3

    1. I need to be able to schedule my life and get used to school life once again (working was way too easy - only the hours at work and after that you're totally free to do whatever you want D:).. I need the small break from blogging and won't work on letters during the weekdays so that I can concentrate on school work :)
      I hope you're doing just fine right now<3