Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Possible Hiatus

I've been thinking 'bout having a short hiatus on blogging. My life is quite busy now, if I don't have school until 4-6pm I need to work on HUGE assignments (I was home at noon today and picked up an assignment around 1pm just to finish it a bit before 7pm.) that take up almost all of my free time during the school days. I will continue dedicating the weekends for letter writing and relaxing but weekdays........ Let's just say that if things won't slow down I'm screwed.
Usually I work with my computer but today I had the document I had to read on my laptop screen while I wrote down "the most important things" (I'm one of those who'd highlight 99% of a book when asked to high light the most important things).

Even my room is messy :(

On top of being exhausted thanks to the assignments and homework I'm addicted to a game for android. "Happy Poo Fall"

If I have time I'll post a mail update every Friday (incoming) and Monday (outgoing)!
If not I'm fighting against the urge to destroy my school laptop and burn every possible school book.