Thursday, September 6, 2012


So what do I do when school starts 8.15am and I wake up 8.30am? Stay at home since the second class wouldn't start before noon anyway. In a way this was a great thing - I haven't been slept well this week and I was extremely tired.. This time I was able to sleep nearly 9hours and now I can clean my room and pack since yesterday I was home a bit before 6pm (classes ended at 5.30pm) and today will probably be the same - Swedish and English! Oh what a joy.....

Yesterday evening I started packing for the weekend and I took all of my wigs out of the closet and started going through those. I was checking those when S knocked on my room and her face lit up the moment she saw all of my wigs on my bed.
"WIGS! Oh my gosh! I've never had a blond hair!!"
She went on and on about it and I gave her a wig cap and one of the wigs I'll be using during the weekend. She laughed all the time, wanted a photo of herself with a blonde wig (blonde Asian girls are cute ;)) and in the end me, S and D were all in S's room and talked about cosplay and wigs. S was kind enough to wear the wig until I was finished brushing it and me and D talked about Lolita clothes, wigs and made a promise that she'd come to Desucon Frostbite IF she doesn't get a work placement in UK for the Spring semester.. :)

During this week I've received something everyday and tried to send at least something even though my teachers apparently think that I don't have anything to do after school so I should just sit in front of my laptop and write various assignments and essays..

Finished Maria's letter on Sunday and sent it on Tuesday - she received it yesterday

Packages to Maria and Yoshi, postcard for X :3
Sent on Wednesday
Just look at the stamp!
 We got new stamps on Monday!!! I've been waiting for these since last December!! :D Too bad I had to wait until Monday (the main post office in Helsinki was PACKED with people!!) to buy those and paid nearly 23€ for those ;)

Artists and bands from the 90s :)

THIS has to be my favourite! Bought 2 sheets of these :3

PETS! I seriously want to get those kitties in my collections!!!
And now to the received mail (S has been telling me to stop ordering as I'm the one who receives something nearly daily :))

Letter from Lithuania on Monday - new stamps! :3
Letter Sheets swap from USA on Tuesday - the 1st package was lost in the mail :(

Those stamps!!!

Wednesday was a great mail day~

Used manga from UK - not my kind of manga :(

3 postcards - Malta, Russia and USA
Package from Modes4U! :D

My new purse and newest bag (too small ;;__;;)

But it's one of the most adorable things I've ever seen - yes, both bag and purse are SC :3

too small :(

Decotape and 2 SC letter sets :3

I bet I'll use this one immediately :)
I need to continue packing my school bag and the bags I'm going to take to Tampere this weekend X__x Wish me luck that I won't forget anything!



  1. I'm just like you, can't resist new stamps! Our post came up with a new issue last week and I just have to buy some of them although I still have more than enough stamps left :P Loving the horse stamp! I have pals who love horses! And that purse is gorgeous! ♥

  2. Ta for the postcard, it was soooooo cute, you seem to know what I love! n___n <3