Monday, September 3, 2012

Nearly Broke!

And why's that?
Because I just can't save money. If I know that I have something and I get more soon I'm spending everything. (That's why I took money for the Rovaniemi trip and put it in an envelope which I'm not allowed to open before the lovely 3 days trip to Lapland during which we'll be celebrating Kimmy's birthday :3)

I went to the local post office yesterday to get my latest Janetstore order - luckily I checked the tracking number and realized it has been in the post office since Friday when I got my Dermosil order (hygiene stuff - normal soaps etc are too strong for my skin so I have to order everything from Dermosil as those seem to be the only products that work and don't break my skin).. So off I went there and jumped all the way back to my apartment. N was watching as I was celebrating Christmas by myself :)

Now I have 2 Sentimental Circus handkerchiefs and SC mug :3

2 Sentimental Circus letter sets

2 other SC letter sets

SC notepad :3

Sweet Afternoon letter set

"Lily's Little Room" letter pad :D HAD to buy!

And envelopes for the papers :3

And of course I had to get a Happy Go Lucky pad as well :3

Today I went to Helsinki as our project group had a meeting with out commissioner from 2pm forward. There had been some problems with me getting the info so I was enraged last night when I was calling and sending text messages around to find that most of the students - even my friend knew about the day a lot more than I did. So I decided to go there by myself, earlier and did a little shopping. Too bad I didn't take my camera with me :(

I left from my apartment a bit before 9am and took a 9.15am bus to Helsinki. I was in Helsinki around 10.30am, went around a bit and chose a sushi place to stop by and had my brunch in there. Too bad they didn't serve ramen before 3pm so I ate some sushi instead..

From there I went to Fantasiapelit - the only place I buy manga from here in Finland, went around the 3 shelves FULL of manga for approx. 20 minutes and chose 4 mangas..

Black Bird #1 and Stepping on Roses #1 - both Kim and goodreads have been recommending these for me..

Starry☆Sky #1 and Zombie-Loan #1
First because Aya has been telling me about the game the manga is about
Z-L because the anime was amazing and ended too soon.
After going through the shelves I went to pay..
Cashier: "Found something?"
Me: "Found many series I would've loved to buy but I better not buy those for now.."

And we had a long talk (he was over 30yo.) about the manga industry and how the fall of Tokyopop was both good and a bad thing - for example it's almost impossible to find Furuba (Fruits Basket) from amazon or ebay without paying $10-30 for a USED book but on the other hand some series are printed again and for example Yen Press has released some Omnibuses after the fall of Tokyopop. (R.I.P, now we get some mangas faster than when the Tokyopop dominated the manga business here in the west.)

After having the interesting chat with the cashier I just walked around, found where the Manga Cafe has been relocated (first time I've ever seen it!!!) and found a place where you can buy Bubble Tea here in Finland!! I almost ran to the small shop and tried Lychee Bubble Tea. It was okay but I expected it to be a lot better, especially after the hype it caused a year ago... :/

I also went to check the book stores in Helsinki (they have better (still quite poor) selection of "Books in English" than the stores in Porvoo or Kouvola). Went around and thought to myself that porn has never been sold as publicly as now (Fifty Shades trilogy was in Top10 books - #1-#3). I found Crescendo (Hush, Hush #2) for 8,90€ and asked whether they had the Hunger Games books in English..

Walked out with these babies - THE LAST HUNGER GAMES BOOK IN THE STORE!! MWAHAHA!!

From 2pm forward we had the meeting and it lasted for 2 hours. After that my dad picked me up and took me home :3

During the drive home I realized that I'm screwed - I have to pay rent in 2 days and I'm going to Tampere for the weekend. How the heck am I going to survive this month now that I've gone crazy in online stores and I can't go near a book store without taking something out with me.........

Wish me luck!! X__X



  1. Oh, I loved the hunger Games trilogy. Great books! And Sentimental Circus, I am so jealous! :D btw I know it is ages ago, but you received my letter, right?! :)

    1. Yup, I got it and I'm battling with the letters and trying to get the letters to reply to 0. Your letter is one of those that are waiting for a day when I don't have to worry about school (hopefully Friday or Sunday when I need to travel a bit :3)

  2. ei kiiretta :) Olin vaan epävarma jos tuli perille. Mun muisti on tällä hetkellä niin perseestä xD

  3. LOL I truly understand what made you nearly broke! But trust me, they're very good investments indeed! :D I have the Hunger Games trilogy too! They're just awesome! And crescendo sounds pretty interesting! :D

    1. I try to reassure myself that those are good investments but we'll see :D "I'd rather just write than eat" :DD
      I've never before even touched the Hunger Games books because those are so popular but as my BFF keeps on bugging me about those I decided to try it out with the first book :)

  4. I love Sentimental Circus, too. :) I just found a little shop where Sentimental Circus items are sold, and now I have to keep myself away from there because I can spend a fortune there. :p Glad you enjoyed shopping. :) Have a nice day!

    1. I'd love to go to a shop where I could buy SC stuff :) I've been addicted to it since Spring and until now almost every online store has been out of those.. But now I got the letter sets - at last! :D