Friday, September 14, 2012


From Wednesday to Friday. I was able to go to school on Wednesday, for a couple of hours and after that I came home to find a small package for me - yay!

Surprise package from South Korea! :)

Letter and two letter sets :)

The envelope :3
And during Wednesday the janitor came and went through the plumbing in our kitchen, said that there's nothing he can do and now we're just waiting for the plumber.. :(

Thursday.. Oh god how I hated the day.. I had a huge panic attack when I was going to go to school.. In the end I ended up staying at home, locked the door and tried to relax while reading and writing letters..

First came a letter from Portugal :)

I *LOVE* the envelope :3

And later this - I received a package that didn't fit through our mail slot
I thought I would've received the clothes but no, Sailor Moon mangas came :) Still waiting for one manga..
And Friday's mail :D A letter from Belgium :3

And to my surprise I was able to write something during Thursday :)
Lately I've had really hard time writing.. Haven't really been able to write more than one postcard a week! Seriously, that's how bad of a block I've had even though I have many long and amazing letters to reply to! I really hope to be able to write a lot during the weekend even though I need to do a couple of assignments as well :(


ps. the plumber came today ;)


  1. Awww beautiful drawing on the envelope! *-* and great mail you receive/sent
    OMG! panic attack?! I understand you perfectly! It feels horrible! T~T I hope you get better, dear ;v; I wish you the best!

    1. My friend is awesome for surprising me with such amazing envelopes :3
      Thank you<3