Tuesday, September 11, 2012

As I'm sick and bored I thought I should share some mail I've received and sent lately and what has happened outside of my cosplay life. (and I'm too tired to do homework etc.)

On Thursday I overslept and received mail just before I left for school - I finally got Spice and Wolf manga!

As well as sent a small package to my best friend who currently resides in Lapland D: I didn't tell her about it and she called me on Friday (a bit pissed) and told me that she wasn't supposed to get it yet :)

Too bad the blue cupcake broke during its travel :(

the letter (we talk on the phone daily so the letter is short :))
I love those stamps :3
My phone broke down on Thursday evening (I was crying and yelling thanks to it) and I had no other option than to walk to a store on Friday after school and buy a new one, the cheapest good phone they had.

Samsung Galaxy Y. Now I'm officially one of the stupid people with smart phones :)

And I had received some mail :)

Newest travel magazine Mondo and "Cinderella Ate My Daughter"
During the weekend I wasn't able to do almost anything as I was busy with cosplay :( And on Monday the mailman was LATE! but I did receive something :)

3 packages! :D

Finally got the Beast Master mangas! LOVE the series :3

Some more paper ^^'

After these I haven't and won't order anything else before I've used most of my papers :)
Today the mailman was early! I woke up around 8am, got up after 9am and during the time I was taking a shower the mail man had dropped a big envelope of mail that had been sent to my parents' address :)

package and a postcard from Bree :)

Blue Exorcist #1 :)
And from now on I won't be buying anything before I've read all the books I currently own and spent the letter papers :)

Off to write letters/postcards and working with essays and other school related things :(


Another song I fell in love with just like that :)


  1. Hei meillä on samanlaiset luurit nyt :''D
    Paitsi että mun pinkki tuollainen on täysin kakka, sain joululahjaksi, meni heti huoltoon ja nyt kukaan ei kuule puhuessa mun puheesta mtn. o/

    1. Yay :D
      Mulla toi on toiminu iha siedettävästi, en vaa vielkää oikee osaa tekstata sillä ni annan sen aikalailla vaa olla vieres ja toimii herätyskellona :D

  2. What a cute stationery >ω< ~ ♥
    My sister has the same cellphone and she is so surprised about all the things it can do that she said that it has Stark Technology hahaha! XD

    1. I can see why :D I've been mostly playing with it whenever I get bored or don't feel like doing anything else :DD It's amazing :D