Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where's my apple juice?

"If I didn't have a girlfriend in Russia, I'd totally hit on you. You're an awesome girl!"

"We all love you!" (at lest the ones who know me)

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 So I had a night of a couple of drinks too much at my Russian classmate's place and (at least) I opened up to him about many things after got a little bit too tipsy. IT'S A SCHOOL DAY!! But still.. I drank a lot more than I had drank during the last 2 years and when I moved 95% of the "food" items I brought with me were alcohol. Right now I have ingredients for a salad in my fridge and 2 wine bottles. (and I've only bought an onion since I moved in.. THAT'S how much I drank - I even gave a bottle or two to him as his 6 bottles of beer weren't enough..)

But having some one to talk with after a while was actually great :)
Sometimes we were sitting on his apartment's floor at times we were outside as he had to have a smoke after each drink. And for once I found a guy with whom I'd love to be friends for as long as possible.

Let's just say that for once I actually regret drinking.. One reason could be the fact that I hardly ate or drank a thing yesterday so my stomach was quite empty when I went to have "a couple of drinks" and I woke up after 4 hours of sleep (5am) and since then I couldn't get back to sleep..

On top of everything my room is a mess and I had 2 nightmares about my possible 3rd flatmate and let's just say those weren't really nice.. Fingers crossed that the flat mate will be a nice one!!



  1. Fingers crossed for the flat mate!♥

    We have to share a wine bottle someday! But sounds like you had fun (even though the alcohol ruined your sleepytime)! :---)

    1. Absolutely! :D
      I had fun even though I didn't sleep well :) But on the other hand I decided to sleep better today and slept in (didn't feel like going to my first classes 8.15-9.45am just to wait until noon for the second class) :)