Monday, August 27, 2012


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The weekend went by really fast. I was sick but luckily I managed to stay inside and spend some time with my cousins. To be honest most of the time we were using my brother's laptop (playing Angry Birds - it was my cousins who were playing it or sitting next to me telling me what I had to do if I was playing - apparently 6 and 7 year old boys are better than girls in every game) and Playstation 2 (I wanted to try and finish a game but after playing 10minutes my cousins sat next to me telling me "You can go through 2 fights and then it's our turn" or asking me what happens in the game (having Japanese voices and English subtitles didn't help at all......). Even though at times it was really annoying I still love them a lot and I'd love to see them more often!

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I also checked the calendar and if possible (if the time is okay for Kim) I'll be visiting Rovaniemi before Christmas :3 I'll be able to visit Santa! :D And send Christmas cards with a special cancellation stamp x3 Yes, I'm excited even though it means I'll be spending over 18 hours in train and 2 hours in a bus (in total). The trip will cost about 100€ (and I'll also need the shopping money :S) so I'll need to save up! I've been in Rovaniemi once before but it was over 10 years ago when I went to Lapland and Norway with my family :) This time I'll be able to get to know the city a bit more :)

On Friday I didn't go to school as I felt really sick so I spent the day at my apartment going through things and sleeping. A bit before 2pm I got an order from Janetstore (though I don't need any letter paper at the moment, I have enough - and I ordered even more on Friday.. They had restocked Sentimental Circus letter sets ;;__;;) and a bit after that my brother came over. For the next weekend I'll be staying in my apartment and my brother will come over~ Yay~ :)

The package :3

Angry Birds letter paper :D My cousins LOVED this :3

Key chain :)
Pencil case - haven't had one for years!

And an awesome letter set :3 I've been using it already :3

I was only able to write a postcard and a letter during the weekend though I was working on 2 other letters as well..

To Lithuania and USA - sent on Monday

And I started a letter to a Finnish pal. Went shopping a bit and found that adorable magnet :3

I also got a belated birthday gift from my aunt and took some books from my parents' library

E.B.White's Stuart Little
Neil Gaiman's Stardust (will be rereading it)
Neil Gaiman's Coraline (also rereading it - the only one of these books that is in English)
Stieg Larsson's "Men Who Hate Women" (also known as "Girl with the dragon tattoo" as the original name was too harsh for English speakers)

Blender :DD My aunt told me that the next thing she'll get for me (with my parents) will probably be a hoover :3
Mailman didn't bring a thing today so it resulted in me going shopping a bit and buying a new bag and a purse for myself..............
Today wasn't my day at all

"Woke up 5.30am. Drove from my parents' place to mine 6am-6.40am. Walked in and realized the elevator was broken. Had 4 HEAVY bags. Carried those with me to the 5th floor and went back to sleep for a while. Waited for the bus 10.15am - it was raining and I had left the brolly at my place. The bus was 10minutes late. And on top of everything we only had classes from 11am to 11.45.

THIS is why I don't like Mondays
but at least I managed to finish my assignments "these will only take 2 hours or so" - ended up spending 6 hours with those!



  1. Is Stardust worth reading? I saw the movie ages back and really liked it :---) !

    1. I read it like 10 years ago but yeah, it's worth reading and if I remember correctly it's better than the movie (like most books are :D)