Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thank you!

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I had an awesome "weekend" with Raven and X/Chuck and the birthday gifts I received almost made me cry! Those were amazing!! (pictures of everything mentioned in this post will be put up later on). Thank you gurls!! ;3

I got a book from Chuck and I've almost finished reading it, THAT's how awesome the book she gave me is!! :3

Today on the other hand I went out to eat with my brother and dad after I somehow managed to pack the rest of my stuff (almost). I also met D and I ended up hugging her countless times for being so nice, adorable and cute! :3

We went on and on how great is to see each other again and I got such adorable gifts from her :3
One Piece: stickers, awesome key chain and a poster (my brother would kill me to get those all to himself as he just started watching the series again) and BEAUTIFUL postcards of the Great Wall of China. I hugged and thanked her countless times :DD And then when I mentioned tea she remembered that she had brought something else with her as well: Chinese Oolong tea!!

AND D will probably go to Desucon Frostbite with me and my other friends I've managed to encourage to take part in a convention :)
And D told me she was staying with a Japanese girl in Beijing and showed my cosplay pictures to her and the girl thought I was a foreigner living in Japan as she thought my costumes were gorgeous ;;__;;
People have been spoiling me this weekend!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! :3

As soon as my camera is charged I'll start taking photos of everything I bought and got during the weekend!! :3 And I'll soon start sending mail again (when I manage to move and unpack my stuff) :3



  1. HAHA, you deserve all the spoiling you get!♥

    Maybe I should read 'Anna dressed in blood' too... >:3

    1. Love you♥

      You really should! It's YA book but still it's scary as hell from time to time (and if the incorrect things of Finland and Finnish doesn't bother you it's just awesome ;))