Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tallinn! (Picture HEAVY)

Not that big of a deal for Finns but still, it was my only proper vacation this summer and I had fun! :) (sorry for the crappy photos - I have an awful camera)

I spent Thursday (August 2nd) with N at her place as I had the whole weekend off and we had an early morning on Friday - it was wiser for me to go there a day before.
I woke her up with my text message around 7.45am (dad had to go to work and dropped me and my brother on the way) and after I got there her alarm started ringing and we had breakfast (I had told her that I'd be there around 8am and she wasn't used to early mornings ;))

We hang out in her room until around 1am when we hit the city (checked a new café and a summer restaurant). We had something sweet at the café (I had another cheese cake, salad and a chai latte) before we went to the restaurant/summer terrace and ordered something a bit stronger. We spent around an hour at both places, got some cash from ATM and then went back to her place (during this time my face had gone red - sunburn!), went to a store near her place (I was driving her mom's car and I was SCARED!! I swear I'm gonna die in a car crash one of these days! I'm one of the worst drivers there are!) and spent the evening watching youtube videos and listening music

We went to bed around 10pm but as I usually have some problems with falling asleep before midnight I tossed and turned until around 11pm.

We had the alarm set at 4.45am but as I was a bit worried whether we'd wake up or not I woke up about an hour before, tried to go back to sleep but no. We got up 4.45am and were ready around 5.20am and we started our drive to Helsinki. We were in east Helsinki around 6am, took a metro and a bus to the harbour and got our ferry tickets 6.40am, after which we were allowed to get on board. We took a corner table at the bar for the two of us and spent our ferry ride there listening to music, talking, drinking and writing.
We arrived to Tallinn around 11am.

We walked around a bit with our luggage (we both had 2 bags for the weekend) and had to wait until noon before we were able to go to a restaurant to eat (yummy dishes♥) and after that we took our bags to the hotel and started walking around the city.

We were mostly going around the old town and the nearest shopping centres just as other tourists but we were also able to find some not so known places such as Depeche Mode Baar and we visited the post office for some stamps and postcards (I sent 12 cards as the prices were quite high  - 1€ to Europe, 1,1€ to Asia and North America).
The weather on Friday was okay, a bit cloudy but it was +25
˚C (+77˚ F) and we had been expecting rain for the whole weekend

We went up there as it was only 1,5€ :)

We climbed these stairs on Saturday

Lonely Planet's #5 on Top10 weirdest bars and restaurants - go check it out! It was awesome ;)
We went back to our hotel before 7pm as we were both dead tired (and I got blisters from my new shoes....) we watched MTV and Cartoon Network for 2 hours before we decided to go to sleep.

It rained from Friday evening to Saturday morning. We watched tv during the morning, ate breakfast and left to the city around 11am humming various songs~

I swear this is my new favourite song (as well as Love Love Love from Of Monsters and Men)


We headed to the old town once again and decided to climb to a tower of one of the churches in the Old Town. The ticket was 2€ and the climb was worth it! :)

The most expensive Long Drinks we had - 10€ in total :(

Much better - N had an Smirnoff Ice and I had a cheaper Long Drink (2,9€ for 0,5 litre :))

"I hope it's not too late for an Irish breakfast"
The waiter just laughed at us as it was 2.30pm ;)

Again a GREAT weather! Around +23 :)

As I said - we climbed the stairs :)

My non-alcoholic drink Red *something*, N's Long Island Ice Tea (it wasn't as good as I imagined), water and my spiced chai latte

As seen we spent the Saturday in various pubs and bars but we had fun - I bought 3 t-shirts during Saturday (or Friday, can't remember) and spent only 16€ on those!! I also bought a lot of tea :3 But mostly we were just walking around and talking :) I also wrote and mailed the postcards on Saturday :)

Sunday didn't start off that well as we almost overslept, had to eat and pack in a hurry and left to the harbour a bit before 11am - we wanted to get rid of our luggage for the day as our ferry left after 7pm.
Again, we walked around, bought some alcohol (or I bought - ciders for me and my brother and 2 liquors for my parents) and talked a LOT - mostly about our lives at the moment, love and we just opened up to each other while we had time.
I really needed the trip - time for myself and to have fun and forget about everything else.



  1. Ite oon aina käyny vaan päiväristeilyillä Tallinnassa, joten se maissa olo on jäänyt aina minimiin, tottapuhuen yllätyin että mitä kaikkea sieltä löytyykään :D Tosin, kuten sanoin, oon käynyt vaan päiväristeilyillä, ei siinä ole hirveesti ehtinyt kaupunkiin tutustua :D

    1. Mullaki matkat oli päiväristeilyi maaliskuuhu asti, sillo huomasin mite kivaa siel o viettää pari päivää tutkie kaupunkii :) Suosittelen sinne jäämistä yöks, pariks ^^

  2. Aww my Gosh so many adorable photos ;O; Tallinn is very beautiful place, I've been there only once last year, it was so awesome, ALL THOSE OLD BUILDINGS I can't stand </33 I wanna move there. XD

    1. And it's mostly a lot cheaper than Finland<3 Too bad there are almost no old towns in Finnish cities :(

  3. Such a beautiful place and it's just across Finland! I'd just received your postcard yesterday and I saw the tiny map. :D Love the gardens! And I chuckled at the Darth Vader picture ^O^

    1. Exactly! There is nothing like that in Finland and from Helsinki it's only ~80kms to Tallinn!!!
      Great to hear that the postcard arrived<3 :3
      I was carrying the camera with me all the time because everything was so pretty and then there were those funny graffiti everywhere :DD