Friday, August 17, 2012

Still packing and going through my things..

I've been going through my things since Monday but I'm still packing.
I had my last day at work yesterday and I got a package from there when I left :3 4 jams, wine bottle and some juice! They know how to cheer up a poor student :DD

My mom was also going through my closet while I was deciding which clothes I'm going to keep and she started asking about my jeans (we're the same size so we wear each other's clothes now and then) and asked whether she'd be able to keep those. Of course I said "yes" as those weren't my favourite jeans. The moment I picked those up from my closet I remembered - THOSE were the jeans I "sacrificed" for my Liz cosplay!! [Clickety click] She didn't like the fact that I had "ruined" my "best" jeans nor the fact that when she took those I added "Oh yea! I need those in September for a cosplay - after that you can probably take those white thingies away~" (she still doesn't like the fact that I cosplay).

Oh yea~ I'm going to Tracon but as Kim won't be there I probably won't be publishing any photos from there unless I manage to sell my soul to a friend of mine in order for her to let me use her camera for a couple of days :)
And I'll be Liz (once again) on Saturday or Sunday and I'm probably found hanging out with Joonas as we're both cosplaying from Soul Eater :)

They had -20% sale in a new store and I went in to check whether I could find t-shirts but instead I found and bought these babies (Union Jack all the way~)

Some stuff = packed (1st bag - COSPLAY STUFF! :D)

When it was still CLEAN :D

My grandma called me last week and told me she had bought presents for me and my brother as we're both moving (the funny thing is that normally I only hear from her during my birthday when she sends a text). But I was happy when I got this :3 NOTHING to complain about :D

Tuesday's mail - letter from Finland, 3 postcards from China and postcards from Thailand and Lithuania

Last night - picture is so blurry as I was losing my faith - I'm never finishing this in time!!!!

Thursday's mail - postcards from Lithuania and Finland

That's about it for now. I need to continue cleaning and packing and I'll be leaving in 3 hours to spend nearly 24 hours with my dear friends :3

Back to cleaning and packing tomorrow night~ :D


ps. I don't want to go back to school.. During the summer I had forgotten all about the fact that the English skills of some of our teachers are quite bad ;;__;;

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