Saturday, August 4, 2012


I did tell you that I ordered stamps worth over 300€..
In the end it was a great thing since the postage prices went up and this way I will save money, not having to buy stamps for months (HOPEFULLY~) :D

But what did I get? (sorry for the crappy pics, BTW :D)

10x 1€ stamps
1 x 2€ stamp
2x 3,50€ stamp
2x 2,50€ stamps
6x 0,6€ stamps
10x 1,05€ stamps
10x 0,95€ stamps

10x 0,5€
10x 1,1€
6x 0,65€
30x 0,1€
4x 1,4€
4x 1,5€

20x 0,3€
30x 0,2€
4x 0,9€ (Taistelevat Metsot)
4x 1,3€

45 x 0,05€

54x the stamps you can see up left :)
All 1st class stamps

1st and 2nd class stamps

Second class stamps (mail within Finland/extra postage for heavy letters/packages)

1st class stamps :)

1st class :)

2nd class :)

1st class :)

1st class

2nd class :)

Any stamp wishes? ;)



  1. herra jumala :D

  2. Yes yes please! I would love to receive cards with the Moomin stamps! They're just so adorable! :D I must tell you how awesome Finnish stamps are! They're just so colorful, creative and available in odd shapes. For ours, the stamps are mostly retangular, but they issued the pentagon shaped stamps only recently. :)

    1. Will use those~ :3
      I agree! I seriously can't believe how awesome the stamps are in here! People really do spend some time on planning those!! :DD