Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So much to do, Too little time

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Packing things and moving takes too much of my time at the moment (and the fact that I cycle to work and back - 20km a day!) and too many things are happening before the school starts. I have my last day of work tomorrow (can't believe summer is over!), I'll be meeting Raven and Chuck Fri-Sat as Raven will be flying (moving) to Scotland to major in English and Chuck lives a bit further away from me (though I bet I'll be bothering(visiting) her during my school year) and on Sunday I'll be meeting D after 3 months :D She just came back from Beijing and told me that she had sent me a postcard from Beijing (though she had some problems with the local post offices). She's an old flatmate of mine and she just happened to send me a couple of messages today, one ending with:

"By the way, I got a One Piece key chain and a set of the Great Wall postcard for u. :)"

I was literally jumping up and down and had to tell her that we need to meet up before school starts. We're both cosplayers and I bet I'll be taking her to a convention with me!!!! :D

Gosh, I have so much to do but no energy to do a thing as I'm way too excited over meeting D again (as well as A!!! >3<).

And I already had my first nightmares about school D: No, I'm not stressed at all D:

Autumn is here soon and then comes the dark winter ;;__;;



  1. talvi.... ei kiitos, oon jo masenntunut :(

    1. osaan kuvitella.. :/ Itelläki varmaa lähtee taas mieliala laskuu ku kaiken aikaa o kylmä ja suurinosa kavereista asuu ties missä.. :/