Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Long Time!

Been quiet and away for a while and unfortunately it's quite likely that it will stay the same until the middle/end of August.

I'm currently packing for my weekend trip to Tallinn, Estonia with my childhood friend/sister now that we're both legally adults (we talked about the trip for over a year and had to make the reservations in the beginning of June, IT'S FINALLY HERE! :)) as well as packing everything to these nice brown moving boxes and everything you can stuff with things and carry. I'm still waiting to hear from the student apartments but I need to be moving by the end of this month as I'm in a way being kicked out and my current/old room is going to be renovated.
Not getting an apartment isn't THAT big of a problem as I have a couch or two (actually a floor) I can crash on for a while if I have some problems with getting an apartment but getting my stuff to somewhere safe (where it's not endangered by the renovation) is a whole different thing........
That's why most of my free time is spent packing things (and unpacking when I've already packed something I actually need X__x)

I'm officially an adult wherever I go to - 21 years OLD (can't believe it, I still feel like a teenager)! And I spent the day with two of my closest friends as we were all still in a way living in the same town/city (whatever you call it). We ate well (spent together approximately 90€ in a sushi restaurant and we weren't almost able to eat everything!), spent time in a café, talked a lot and most of all, had fun.

July 23rd - Me and Kim chose raspberry cheesecakes :)

Chai Latte<3 br="br">

They didn't like tea as much as I do :(

We also got to hear that Kimmy was accepted to the University of Lapland and she'll be moving to Rovaniemi! Congrats!!! :3
And while she'll be living in Lapland I still have one dear friend living in the same town! :3 Thank god for that!

I managed to mail some letters July 23rd and 6 others yesterday before the postage in Finland rose (from 0,75€/letters up to 20g to 0,80€).

But there will be a different post about those. Nothing else this time, need to pack up and clean :)


ps. There has been a thunderstorm around here nearly daily since Saturday and even though I don't really like loud noises I've enjoyed watching those~ :)

pps. I even found some more photos from our Soul Eater group (from Desucon 2012, held June 8th-10th :)

OH~ And I will be a really rare sight in convention after September's Tracon (I still have almost no idea what I'm going to do if Kim won't be there :( ) due to various reasons.

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