Sunday, August 5, 2012

July in some pictures (the rest of mail in July)

Letter from USA
Paris postcard from a German pal
Cat postcard by a Lithuanian postcard pal

Mail from week 28 or 29 (or both) - letters from USA, Italy and Finland, Postcards from Poland, Canada, USA, Netherlands, Australia and Taiwan, Packages/Swaps from UK, Lithiania, Austria and Singapore

My (currently oldest - we've been writing since 2003 or 2004) Finnish pal spent 3 weeks in Japan and got this for me :)

Cards from Australia!!!!

Cards from Australia!! (birthday card :3)

And more postcards from Australia :3

Unopened birthday present from UK :3

Package from Lithuania :3 Longest letter I've ever received - 50 pages!!!!!

What I got from UK!! :D I *LOVE* Paperchase!!

Sent on July 23rd - 4 postcards and 4 letters

Another sent letter ~ Rilakkuma envie (and letter paper)

Before I started packing things :(

A huge package from Austria :D

Letter :3

Really small letter set :D

Birthday gift from Kim :)

Birthday gift from my "sister" :)

My new calendar :D

Guess what I had to buy?

Birthday card from Kim :3

Birthday card from my sister

Birthday cards from Lithuania, UK and Japan :)

Stamps on a package :3

Sent on July 31st - 5 letters, package and a postcard :)

First damaged package I've received :/

Postcard from my Lithuanian postcard pal :)

THIS is how badly the package had been damaged - I HAVE NOT opened it in any ways, just took it out of the plastic bag.

Postcard from USA :D

Another from USA :3


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